Monday, May 29, 2017

a real bat cave

Joel and I have a lengthy list of cool places we want to visit in the area. There are so many things to see, and Thursday, being as it was a holiday, and that Joel didn't have to work, we decided to explore a bat cave! It was only about 40 minutes from Lyon, and really really cool. It was huge! Also, not for the claustrophobic type!

Tools, vases, urns, arrows, and axes from the neolithic era have been found, dating back to 4000 BC, and more recently, well, in the 1700s, the cave was also a hideout for a famous French smuggler.

The pictures don't do it justice for how big it is. The entrance was 35 meters high (about 115 feet) and we were able to explore around half a mile of cave.

The ceiling got pretty low at times, and the labyrinth passageways were so narrow! I am not usually a claustrophobic person, but winding on the little "path" for a long time, without any end in sight, cave walls pressing in all around me... yeah, I was ready to see the light again!

That was our "path"

Amazing limestone formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

The bottom right picture is a river that has formed in the cave, and it stretches several kilometers... they haven't found the end yet! They have discovered 6 sumps, or siphons (a passage in a cave that is submerged in water for an unknown length!) but haven't found the end! Can you imagine doing cave diving and discovering underwater passageways?? Ahhh, so scary!

Really neat place to visit, and we even spotted a bat! :)


Marcy said...

I think there will be other things to see on my list when I come! But it looks great. Great pictures.

Lindsay Dorsch said...

I love that Joel wears the French Club tshirt faithfully!