Saturday, February 25, 2017

impromptu lessons on skipping rocks

Joel's little sister has been staying with us for a few days on her spring break, and we have loved having extra quality time with her.

This afternoon, the three of us decided to explore a new-to-us area, just outside of the city. It was beautiful! We walked for several hours, enjoying the sunshine, the beautifully blue water, and just being together. She sure makes her brother laugh.

We were walking along the river, and at one point, went down to the water's edge. Joel picked up a few rocks and started skipping them. 

Rapha was pretty impressed, and decided to follow suit, only hers didn't so much skip lightly across the water, but landed with a big plop not far from where she threw it. #fail

The teaching moment began. 

We are still in the middle of our transition to a new city, and the days aren't always easy. I am learning so much, and am thankful for our changing circumstances that God uses to teach me important life lessons. Slowing down and cultivating a heart of gratitude, for example. There are so many little moments throughout the day that can seem quite insignificant, and that too often go unnoticed when there is so much busyness all around. I want to learn to cultivate more of a thankful heart. To be looking, actively looking, at the countless blessings that God gives throughout the day, whether they seem small or big. 

Today was a great reminder of that. I was snapping a few pictures of Joel and his little sister, and just loved watching them interact. 

Thankful for his patience as he showed her the skipping rock gesture over and over again. 
Thankful for her giggles, laughs, and humor as she tried her best to follow his instructions. 

Before we left, she managed to skip 1 rock! We were quite proud! I had a great afternoon, and was so thankful for our time all together!