Thursday, April 21, 2016

veggies and some (almost) dead geraniums

Joel and I really wanted to have our own garden this year. We have a balcony, that gets some good sun -- when there is sun, and after doing some research on container gardening, we decided to try and grow some veggies, as well as some flowers.

We didn't figure we had much to lose, as nothing was really growing in our pots, and the geraniums from last summer didn't look like they would survive a second summer.

The geraniums are supposed to come back every year, but since we were gone most of last summer for our wedding, they were very neglected. I am surprised they stayed this green for this long! One of my French friends here gave me some pointers on how to revive them, and I gave it a try, so we will see what happens! Much to my surprise, after several weeks, some new flowers were blooming from one of the plants!!

With our garden in mind, our date afternoon a couple of weeks ago was all about getting our balcony cleaned up, and our garden planted. We worked hard at getting everything ready to go, and prepping the soil as best we could! 

When we were done, we ended up with this, plus the potatoes and tomatoes not pictured here. 

A mixture of replanted geraniums, some other flowers, and lettuce.

The potatoes were the last to show signs of growth, but this week, some green starting showing, and we are happy to report that all of our potatoes are coming up nicely! 

Week 2 of our garden. Some flowers blooming, but nothing else...

And then this last week, things have really started to take off. It's so fun seeing what has changed every day! 

The tomatoes are in! 

Hoping to post regular updates on our little balcony garden! We are having so much fun!