Monday, February 29, 2016

Random Thankfulness

I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about, realizing full well that my intentions to be regular and consistent at blogging were good, but actually taking time to put it into practice has been a bit difficult. I was looking at pictures from the past couple of months, and it made me so thankful for many wonderful experiences and relationships! So this post may be really random, but I want to be intentionally thankful!

The month of January has 3 very special birthdays: my mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law. 

Unfortunately Joel's oldest sister lives on the other side of the country, so it was harder to celebrate with her on her actual day, but we made up for it when we hung out in February! :)

His Mom's birthday was next. Joel's Dad found one big candle to represent them all. :) Do you know what kind of cake we had? 
A galette des rois... ooooooh my are they good! Flaky pastry crust, with an almond paste yummy mixure inside. They are so tasty!

Next birthday was Joel's little sister. What a blessing of a younger sister she is!

Another big highlight in January was going to see The Nutcracker ballet with Halle. Halle is pretty much a professional ballerina and how I loved asking her millions of questions about the performance. It was REALLY cool. 

One of my friends from church just had her first baby in February, and her sweet husband and a few of us from church planned a surprise baby shower for her, that just happened to be 3 days before she went into labor! She was so surprised when she came over to my house, thinking we were just going to have a coffee together! 

Baby showers aren't very common in France, so all of the baby shower games that are played regularly in the states are brand new and a big hit here! We laughed so hard at dressing and putting a diaper on the doll baby, and doing it as fast as we could! The expectant mother was the slowest. :)

I have been working on a quilt, and for one of our date nights, Joel helped me position all of the different blocks, making sure no two colors were side by side. He was so helpful! 

He also fixed my machine when it was acting up a bit! 

These photos are all so random, with no common thread except for the fact that I am thankful for all of these different experiences and these wonderful people in my life, including my most faithful blog reader, Anne!!! :)