Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tales of a Scattered Family [Day 5]

This post will end our Andrew adventures...time just flew by! I don't have as many pictures of Christmas Day, too much going on and our camera battery died... But we had a lovely day with the Didier family! We went over for brunch, enjoyed a wonderful gift-giving and opening time, had an incredible Christmas dinner -- my Mother-in-law is a phenomenal cook! We simply enjoyed being together. Andrew gave Joel and I a new game, and we spent several hours learning how to play it. A lot of fun! Pictures speak louder than words... so here are some of our highlights!

These guys got along so well. So fun to watch them interact! :)

Andrew gifted the whole Didier family with moccasins!!

The newlyweds :)

 Didier siblings + Anne and Pierre's new little puppy!

And the whole family! 

We were so blessed and overjoyed to have Andrew here for a week with us! Thanks for making the long trip to come and see us, brosky! We love you! 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tales of a Scattered Family [Day 4]

Happy New Year!!!! Before jumping into blogging in 2016, I wanted to conclude Andrew's Christmas adventures in Rennes, though Christmas is over, and though Andrew has been gone far too long already. We had so many fun times, and I know that family still wants to see some pictures, so our tales continue. We left off after a fun night with friends, the eve of Christmas Eve, actually.

Our family has always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve; our traditions, gifts, stockings, Christmas play, etc. all happened on Christmas Eve. 

This year we changed things up a bit. Joel had to work in the morning, but came home early for a pancake, bacon, fruit, coffee, etc. brunch. The rest of the afternoon was relaxing; playing games, talking, and then having our little Christmas program. We recited Luke 2 from memory, with Joel giving us little prompts when needed, sang several Christmas carols, and then opened stockings. We each stuffed a few surprises and special treats for each other! 

Andrew was excited about a few special French treats that we got growing up, that we can't find in the states. :)

We loved starting a few new traditions as a couple, and having Andrew there for our first married Christmas! We told him that we'd be more than ok with him spending Christmas with us as one of our new traditions! 

Our church had a lovely Christmas Eve service, and then we all went to Joel's family for our big, fancy, traditional, Christmas dinner. 

So many yummy things to eat and discover. Andrew even got a wine tasting lesson from Francis! 

Both Andrew and I tried escargots (snails) for the first time.

They are cooked in a garlic butter sauce and were actually very very good! Andrew was unsure at first, but then really liked them! I did as well!

We had a lot of fun discovering some French traditions and loved our time with my new French family! :)

We got home late, with our tummies full and with lots of wonderful and new Christmas Eve memories!