Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tales of a Scattered Family Christmas [Day 3]

Happy Christmas Eve! Our family always had our big celebration and family program on Christmas Eve and so it really feels like Christmas to me! Joel got called in to work this morning, so Andrew and I are enjoying a relaxing morning in our cozy apartment, listening to all of our favorite Christmas songs. He has been so much fun to have around!

The days are going too quickly this Christmas week! Yesterday, after Joel went to work, Andrew and I got busy making a few of our favorite Christmas goodies.

We were very happy with how our bonbons looked and tasted! :) So was Joel! These are Andrew's favorites. 

Joel got unexpectedly called back in to work to do some consults in the afternoon, so Andrew and I met up with our friend Christian, and we went and explored the Christmas events in Rennes.

Christian took us to one of his favorite tea places, and I tried my hardest to convince Andrew that having a flavorful Christmas tea was all part of the French Christmas experience, but he opted for a coke. :)

Mom and  Lindsay, we really appreciated your thoughtful comment yesterday, and Andrew wanted to particularly express how much he missed each of you. He struck a pose for each family member...

"Show how much you miss Erika"

How much do you miss Lindsay?

And your Mama ? He was almost crying at this point! So much emotion.

What about Dad?

He had a change of countenance when thinking about his awesome Dad!

And Kyle? Well, Kyle, I really don't know what to say for this one... I asked Ando if he could describe it, and he goes, "it's one of those "oooooofs" you know?" Hmmm. I hope that communicates lots of bro-in-law love to you!

Oh man, that guy. He sure keeps us entertained. 

Joel joined us after he got off work for a tour around one of the Christmas markets

That evening, we invited two of our friends over for a typical French meal of raclette, and then a game of 7 Wonders, which we were gifted for our wedding and hadn't had a chance to play yet! 

Hope you all have a wonderful merry Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tales of a Scattered Family Christmas [days 1 + 2]

Our family is a bit scattered around the world, which has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages, is that it provides unique possibilities for Christmas vacation. You can read all about them on my Mom's blog if you are curious.

Joel and I have the privilege of hosting Andrew for a week, and we are thrilled. He arrived Monday evening, and I told both him and Joel that my goal was to blog every day that he was here, especially for our littlest sister and hubby in Kansas and the rest of the family in Niger. I am already a bit late, but that's ok.

Monday evening after he arrived, and after he reassured us that he knew how to get back to our apartment on his own, via metro and bus, we enjoyed dinner, lots of visiting and games. 

Along with a salmon broccoli quiche, we offered him some French cheese and bread to transition him to French culture... "Is this mold in the cheese, Joel?" "Oh no, don't worry. It's not mold. It's ash." You should've seen the look on his face! He tried some, said it wasn't his favorite, and had another kind. 

All 3 of us really enjoy playing board games, and we enjoyed teaching Andrew a new one we recently discovered, along with one of our favorites, called Lost Cities. We have a running score going, with Andrew currently in the lead.  

Tuesday, yesterday, the games and fun continued and it has been so wonderful just having time together. 

Thanks, Amy for the fun game!! :)

These two are hilarious. Lots of trash talk and friendly competition going on between the brother-in-laws! Kyle, they really miss you! Me too! And my little Shorty! 

We invited Joel's parents and sister to eat at a crêperie with us last night, and had a great time listening and telling stories, while eating some yummy traditional food! 

We have a big day planned for today, so check back later for updates! :)