Friday, October 30, 2015

october 30th, 2015

Greetings from beautiful Rennes! We, my husband (!!!!) and I have been enjoying the beautiful, multi-colored leafed trees right outside our balcony and office windows. Cooler air, more and more rainy days... fall has come to Rennes. I love summer, and always wish it would go on longer, but these fall days are so fun. Plus, it's so cozy to drink freshly brewed hot coffee in the morning, with the windows cracked just a bit, letting in some fresh air. Right, Mom? :) PLUS, it's not just any coffee we're drinking! For our France wedding, Joel's sister and brother-in-law asked all of the guests to bring a package of their favorite coffee, wrap it, and even include a little note. Such a great idea!! 

It has been such a treat opening a new package each time we need more coffee! 

We are feeling very settled in our little apartment. It took a while to find a place for all of belongings, especially as Joel moved all of his stuff over, and we brought a few things back from the states. A lot of sorting, getting rid of, giving away, etc. was done, and we finally feel like when things get messy around the house, or when we need to clean up a bit, there is a place for each belonging! A very good feeling! 

We're really feeling at home, and so thankful for our first home together

We're figuring out our new routines; Joel keeps very busy with his clinical rotations at the hospital and studying hours on end here at home, and my days and weeks stay very full with campus ministry. We're grateful for this brand new season of life and looking forward to the months ahead! 

Only 52 days until my brother comes for Christmas!!!