Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Worldwide Milk Day

All I needed was a good excuse to blog again! Today was the day. International Milk Day. Or so I heard. For several years, I have wanted to visit the Agrilait milk factory just outside of Rennes -- factory visits are so interesting!! This particular plant only gives tours once a year, and last year I missed it, and have been looking forward to their open house all year! Today was the day.

Joel and I were given disposable lab coats, booties and a shower cap and were ready to go.

It was super interesting! 7000 "bricks" of milk (1 liter each) are produced every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Amazing. 

One of the guys on the tour with us offered to take our picture in front of some of the machines. It's blurry, but look at our little shoe protectors! :)

Learning about all of the printing of the cartons (which they do at the same plant) was fascinating, as well as the sterilization process that gets them ready for their liter of milk.

At the end of the milk, cream and butter tour, they explained the process of how they make the cardboard milk boxes, with a bit of plastic and aluminum, and also how 100% of the cartons are recyclable, including the plastic lids. They even offered us free toilet paper, made from recycled milk cartons! I took one of course, (#goodmennonite) Joel thought the toilet paper felt a little rough. #hedidntgrowupinafrica

It was a fun lunch break date, and made me want to visit more factories in the area. It's so interesting seeing how everything works! We also were given a free liter of milk to take home with us! 

Maybe, just maybe I'll continue blogging again!