Friday, September 19, 2014

there's no place like it.

As you know from previous posts, my Grandma lives in Bird City, Kansas. Bird City is in the very northwest corner of Kansas. It's very flat and lots of open spaces. Perfect for watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise! And for playing card games with Grandma Dorsch! 

I knew that when Joel came to visit, I absolutely wanted to take him up there to see Grandma and to let him discover the greatness that is found in Bird City. He was really excited too! 

It's a only a 5.5 hour trip from Whitewater. And it gets less and less "city-like" the further you go. 

At one point, about an hour from my Grandma's, we noticed some road construction, and the signs indicated that it was going to be one-way traffic -- you know, with the person that holds the sign and tells you to go "slow" or to "stop".

There was literally nothing else around. No other cars behind us, no other cars that passed us coming from the other way. We just sat there for a good 15 minutes, taking pictures of this guy.

As soon as the pilot car came by (with no other cars behind him) we were free to go, this man waved nicely, and we were on our way again!

The time with Grandma was really special! She gave us a grand tour of the town of 400 people. Telling us about each person who lived in each house, and even showing us which mulberry tree she parks her car under when she wants a mid-morning snack!

For lunch, she took us out to the one and only, Bird City dinner, and we had a very tasty burger. 

People were very excited to meet the man from France, and I was so proud each time I heard Grandma introducing him as "Melissa's boyfriend"! :)

Visiting Grandma wouldn't be complete with an exciting game of pinochle with some of our favorites! Joel had learned how to play, and I'm pretty sure they beat us in all of the games!

These are such sweet, wonderful people and I am SO thankful that we had the chance to spend time with them! 

On our way back from Bird City, we stopped in Manhattan, so I could give Joel the tour of Kansas State University and the bookstore I worked at during college! It was so fun to be back in Manhattan and to walk all over campus again! 

and this one... hahahaha. I am sure he will be super excited that I posted THIS picture of all of the ones we took at the football field. #myman'sgotmuscles

Wow. Seems like a really long time ago already! 

Oh, and by the end of the day, he was proudly wearing purple! EMAW! 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

andrew + joel + jon + uncle doug

I was thinking about this summer and in looking through some pictures, I realized that I had never really finished posting stuff about when Joel came to visit Kansas. Oops!

After the wedding, and just a few days before going back to France, Joel, Andrew, Dad and I all went out to the field to see the guys baling.

It all started with Casey getting the tractor stuck in some mud.

Before you judge Casey too harshly, just remember what an awesome farmer he was here and know that this was probably the only mistake he made all year. :)

But Jon and Uncle Doug came to the rescue, and pulled the tractor out like it was nbd. 

Doesn't look like Joel was very interested in the tractor getting pulled out, but a lot more curious as to what was on the ground next to him...oh the French. :)

Once the tractor was pulled out, Jon offered Joel to come and ride with him in the tractor. SO LUCKY! I would have loved to ride with Jon, but... Joel had never been in a tractor before! Off they went! 

Uncle Doug told Ando and I to hop in his pickup and drive across the field to watch, if we wanted. Andrew was super excited to drive a pickup all around and we pulled up right next to some bales to watch the bale making action. 

Amazing. The field very quickly started to get full!

Andrew and I were having a bale of a time (hehe, just for you Lindsay!) as you can only imagine!

Melissa: Andrew!!! We are bonding on top of a bale! So cool!!! Let's take a picture so we can remember this moment forever! 

Melissa: Andrew!! Your eyes were closed and you don't look very happy to be sitting next to me! Let's try again!

Melissa: well, that's better. But you still look like I'm forcing you to smile 
Andrew gives me the "are you for real" look 
2 seconds later...
Andrew: ooooh take a picture of me on top of the bale!!!!!! 

Andrew: Sweet!! 

Apparantly taking selfies with your oldest sister isn't as cool as taking fb profile pics. 

When we drove back to meet up with everyone, I snapped a few pictures of Andrew and Uncle Doug talking and I think it's hilarious that the baler changes more in the two pictures than they do! 

Joel (and Jon too!) was all smiles when they got back. Driving around in a big red tractor. 

Andrew had to drive his own car back, and the icing on the cake was Joel getting to drive Uncle Doug's pickup back to the farm. #puttingsomefarmerinthefrenchguy

What a fun afternoon! Great memories! I am missing farm life and my family a lot!