Thursday, June 26, 2014

road trip to bird city

Lindsay and I went on a western kansas road trip to visit our Grandma last week. Bird City, Kansas; population: 350-400. My Dad grew up in this area. Grandma lives about 10 miles from Bird City. It's beautiful.

Lots of flat, open spaces!

Grandma Dorsch is a riot! We had so much fun with her, and were happy to be able to help her get some of her projects done! Projects such as... planting a garden on June 20th. She wanted to have some sweet corn, kohlrabis and lots of green beans. So that's what we planted.

Lindsay and I aren't big gardeners, though both of us wished Grandma could just impart some of her gardening genius DNA to us that my Dad also has.

We will see what comes up. She stood by and walked us through each step, and reassured us that the small seeds we were planting would indeed grow.

Isn't my sister beautiful?! Goodness I love her! While she was busy planting her corn,

each spaced out as Grandma had said,

 and pushing the dirt back over it, packing it down ever so gently,

Grandma was busy making her cucumber hills. 7 to be exact. 

By the way, I WAS working also, just took a couple little breaks to snap some photos :)

Our trip also included several games of scrabble. Grandma was happy to help us by looking at our letters and making much bigger, and more point-words than we could ever do on our own. :) 

She wasn't very happy in game number 2 when I used up all my letters, getting the 50 point bonus. It must be all that practice playing wordswithfriends with my brother! :) 

We had a great time with her. We made some of our favorite recipes, bought a lot of stuff at the Bird City second hand store, and had some great times together with Lindser. 

What do you think of my $4 clearance sunglasses? 

Tomorrow my Mom comes back to Kansas (!!!!!!!) and she even used hastags on facebook for the first time EVER! so proud of my hip Mom. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

from kansas to niamey

First blog post from Kansas for the summer! I have loooooved being around family and friends and catching up on everything! 

Of course, my sisters and I wish so badly that the rest of our family could be here, but soon enough they will be for shorty's wedding!! Anyway, in the meantime, we thought we'd put up a few pictures that they would enjoy seeing -- and besides the ADORABLE little boy of my cousin, these other pictures might not be very interesting to the rest of you... sorry about that! 

But speaking of that adorable baby, look at him!

He is SO sweet and full of giggles and smiles. We only got to hold him a little bit while Aunt Terry was there (or OP as we call her now, right Danae? hehe) as she was the proudest of all grandmas and couldn't let him go. :)

Onto house pictures. Enjoy Mom and Dad! We took them on a very rainy and overcast day

Guess I should do some weeding. Do you trust me with your flower bed after what I did to it last time? :)

Raindrops on my camera lens... we stuck a few friendly humans under the tree just to show you how tall they are getting (the trees, not the humans)

Mom's bush!! :) 

The future Mr. and Mrs. 

Can't wait for you all to get here!