Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the eco-museum of Rennes aka the farm

In just over a week, I'll be surrounded by wheat fields, farmers and big open spaces. I can hardly believe it! In order to help with the transition back, 3 of my friends and I decided to visit the "eco-museum of Rennes" as we heard sheep were being sheared!

We had seen a poster for it on campus and thought it looked interesting, so we decided to give it a shot. And boy oh boy did we see some sheep getting sheared.

Adjectives to describe the whole process... disturbing, fascinating,

cool, strange, weird...

I had never seen this done before in my life, and the wool just kind of... came off.

They assured us that it was pleasant for the sheep...that it was the right time to do it so it wasn't too hot for them in the summer.

These sheep gave between 2-3 kilos of wool! That's so much!

Once they were sheered, another man came and took the wool, and sorted it -- pulling off bad stuff, and making sure it was all ok to be processed. Have you ever touched wool like this? It's really really oily and leaves stuff on your fingers. I never knew that! 

Once the sheep were sheared, we learned all about the process of making wool, what sheep ate, what the male, female and baby sheep are called, etc. Oh, and did I mention besides the parents of children, we were the only adults? :) We were so proud of Steph when she answered questions correctly!!

They showed us how to die the wool, using natural elements found in nature

And how to put layers of wool on top of each other to make different designs (rugs, clothes, felt, etc)

After learning about wool, we wandered around, learning about all kinds of other things. 

Uncle Gordon, I thought of you when we saw the 4 pigs that they had. :) 

Look at their funny ears covering their eyes!

I took a picture about this natural way of raising hogs, in case my uncles or cousins wanted to know more about it. Deep litter bed flooring in English? 

Anyway. The tour (Halle! I miss you!) continued. 


Hello Goose!!! :) Of course the girls wanted to know why I was so excited to see a goose, so I had to explain to them that it was a loving nickname for my youngest sister. "Oh" was the response. 

We walked into the last building, and to our delight, there was a lady showing people how to knit! I think Melanie once tried to show me a thing or two, but I really don't know how to do it, and neither did 2 of the others girls, so we were eager to try. 

Stephanie was a pro.

I apparantly did all of my stitches backwards.

We had such a fun time! Lots of new discoveries, selfies and memories! 

We would highly recommend this place for anyone! It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon outing! :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

big day in empo-town!!

Oh yeah, you know that's right! Everyone seems to be quoting star wars and saying "May the 4th be with you", but we all know that the real reason to celebrate May 4th is because of my awesome sister Lindsay and it being her birthday today!

Lindsay is an awesome person. She has a super fun personality, and can make people laugh like no one else. She is constantly cracking herself up. And I can only imagine how fun her students think she is. She always tells us the different jokes and movie quotes she says to them, and how much she laughs and then adds, "I'm not sure my students thought it was as funny as I did..." :) She is funny.

She has one incredible imagination. It's amazing. She is constantly coming up with great ideas and will say "hey!! wouldn't it be SO FUN if we did...!!!" and more often than not, she's right, and whatever it is she decides for us to do is great. Like her and Mom both smelling a flower together in Monet's gardens. :)

Or was that Mom's idea? :) 

She is so caring and loving. (this is one of my all time favorites of her and Grandpa W.)

Around this time last year, she was getting ready to come to France to spend several months with me. We had a BLAST. Totally bonded.

This summer we'll again get to spend time together, only it'll be on her turf in empo-town!! Can't wait! 

Happy Happy Birthday, Lindser! You are very loved over here in France! SOOOON we'll be together again!!!!!!!