Friday, November 15, 2013

eggs + paint + canvas = new diy artwork!

(Danae, please add one more meal invite for me to our list this summer! Woohoo!!!) :)

For the past several weeks, every time I used any eggs, I carefully broke off just the top part of the egg, so as to save the rest of the shell. Why? Cause Joel and I were planning a crafty egg-shell painting date!

When we finally had enough eggs, we filled them with paint, put a piece of masking tape over the top and prepared our canvas.

We really like the number 7 and so taped one onto the canvas, just for kicks. Nice 7, Joel :)

Once we had all of our supplies, we headed out to a part of the "woods" by where I live, and set up our art.

One by one we chucked the eggs at the canvas, different colors of paint everywhere! It was tons of fun!! Surprisingly, all of the green-filled eggs were hard to break and had to be thrown multiple times.

I'm pretty sure that the awesome red splat was mine -- Joel threw his green egg right on top of the tape that we were going to peel off. Who has better aim? I ask you! :) I humbly admit that a few of my eggs missed the canvas completely... but we were standing really far away! 

32 eggs later... this was our art! Isn't it so fun and colorful!?! I love it!!!

It was REALLY challenging getting a picture of us, and the canvas without getting too much wet paint on everything (including the camera!)  


We tried to carefully pick off as many egg shells as possible, but in the end, the little ones that dried on the canvas give it more texture, and it's a good souvenir! 

The masking tape peeled off very easily (we did it while the paint was still wet). 

Our masterpiece is now hanging in my apartment and it makes me so happy every time I see it!

It was SUCH a fun date -- We both had a great time and would highly recommend it! :)