Sunday, August 25, 2013

it was her princess wedding...

Woah. Unintentional blog absence... you know you're a bad blogger when every time you write a new post, you're apologizing for the amount of time that has lapsed since the last post. Hmmm. I s'ppose it won't do to make promises of getting any better, but maaaaaaaaybe things will change eventually! :)

A couple week-ends ago, Joel, Audric and I went to one of our friends' weddings about 4 hours from here. Celine used to live in Rennes (which is how I know her) and she is a smiley, energetic, and wonderful person. She told me once when she lived in Rennes that she was going to marry an American! She loves American culture, country music, the south, etc. It wouldn't be until several years later that she'd meet her prince charming, Ian, an American boy from the south. :) But even though he's from the south, he does NOT like country music. What!?! Gasp! Anyway, it's true love... her dreams have come true!

They were married in Georgia in March, with mostly Ian's family and friends, and August 10th was her French princess wedding.

If you take the toll roads, it's only 3 hours from Rennes to the city she got married in. But we were in no hurry, and especially didn't want to pay any tolls (almost $30 one way!!), so we took the long way around, adding an extra road trip hour of fun.

Audric had been asked to read several passages of scripture during the ceremony, which he practiced along the way. We were so proud of him, especially when he held back the giggles after finishing the first passage. Why did you almost laugh, Audric? :)

The bride was beautiful!

And they made for a very handsome couple!

As Celine and Ian were having their picture taken with various family and guests, I photographed, or tried to photograph, my two buddies. They were so cooperative. 

As we were watching the newlyweds being photographed, we noticed that a few feet away, none other than General Patton himself was sitting in the garden.

And not only that, but inside where we ate, General Patton had a great view peering at us from above. I was greatly amused. One feels so much safer and at ease with a general keeping watch. 

Can you believe I only got one picture with my date? He cleans up reaaaal goooood. :) 

Congratulations Celine and Ian! Come visit Rennes soon!!! :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

perpetual calendar...FINALLY done!

I have been taking pictures of numbers for a looooong time, with the hopes of making a calendar -- one that you change each month. I don't know why it took so long to complete this project, but I just never got around to finishing it. Until yesterday! I FINALLY had everything I needed, and was ready to assemble the whole thing.

The numbers are from all over; different places I've traveled in Europe, but mostly from Rennes. Aunt Terry,  do you recognize the pickup in the bottom right corner? It's from the farm! 

What do you think? Like it?