Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the flowers...

You may have read Lindsay or my Mom's blog about our little visit to Monnet's gardens in Giverny, while we were in Paris. It was really quite something and the flowers were indeed beautiful.

You'll have to read Linds' blog to get more details on this fascinating place; she has such a way with words!

We saw this really cool bench, one that looked like such a romantic place to sit with the love of your life. Unfortunately, Dad couldn't be with us, but Mom was imagining him to be there, and starring lovingly into his eyes with her arm around him. 

Dad wasn't there, but Lindsay was! I think Mom's comment was, "oooooh let's look at the flowers for the picture!" 

"and smell them together!!"

Linds willingly obliged.

I had such a fun time with them in Paris, and it was so sad to part ways with Linds at the airport... she was kind of the coolest roommate ever.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

what happens when mom leaves :)

Yes yes, miracle that I'm again blogging... there is SO much to blog about since coming back from Spain, but everytime I look at my pictures, it overwhelms me and I don't know where to start! The posts will come eventually. In the meantime, I have been enjoying some DIY projects around my little apartment. My Mom left this week to go back to her hubby, my dear dear father, in Niger. After having lived with a Dorsch for 3 months, my apartment suddenly seemed big and empty! I miss my colloc, Lindsay! Wesh Didster! I put away your mattress and rearranged your room yesterday... snif snif. 

Anyway, to cope with the loss, I dug into some projects that I have been wanting to do for a while, and two of them are now complete! 

When one of my friends left town at the beginning of the summer, she gave me this nightstand/mini-shelf thing. 

I decided to repaint it and use it in my kitchen. 

I don't remember if I ever put a picture of the cookie sheet project -- I spray painted a cookie sheet teal (one that I had, but that was all rusted and gross) and then put some scrapbook paper with modge podge on it and it's now a magnetic board :)
Anniebev, you like my picture and frame? :)

So that was one project. The second one was inspired by my mama as she has something similar in her house. 

I got some old frames for a song at a garage sale last year, and have been waiting for the perfect project to do with them. When Mom was here, she told me about her frame with glass that she had made into a white board and used in her kitchen to write lists, notes, etc. on. Great idea!! 

Teal spray paint, gray background paper, and a little garland...

I love sewing paper garlands! Thanks Flatty for the great paper you sent me!!
oooooh my I love doing crafty things and projects that use up stuff you already have! It's nice to have a bit of extra time to work on some of these things. AND to cope with the loss of my dear roommate, Lindseroni. Though nothing can fill the hole she left. Hehe. :)