Wednesday, June 12, 2013

loving this time with my sister!

Linds has been living with me for 2 weeks now and it's been wonderful! Time is going by way too fast, and we've had lots of fun so far! Right now, Mallory (our unofficial little sister) is over and asking Lindsay questions about what it's like to be a French teacher, as she wants to do that when she's older. It's pretty cute.

So while they discuss how to educate the future young minds of America, I'll show you a few pictures of our big week-end adventure. Shorty, hope this gives you a better idea of what's going on!

This past week-end, Linds and I decided to tour 3 castles in the Loire valley. I'd visited a couple of them already, but never with my favorite middle sister, and never had I driven there with my car (!!!!!!). Hello road trip and awesome playlists from Lindsay's ipod!

Linds is going to blog more about the incredible castles. I chose just a few of my favorite pictures and the cutsey little bed and breakfast we stayed at.

The first castle we visited was about 3 hours from Rennes: Chateau d'Usse, aka Sleeping Beauty's castle. This castle is where Charles Perrault was inspired to write the story. Incredible roses. Oh my, they were soooooo beautiful!

For those of you who know Lindsay, and those of you who have seen Anne of Green Gables, you know that there is a commonality between these two people: their vivid and always-working imaginations.

Being in old Renaissance castles, reading about the history, seeing old paintings, books, furniture, etc. was just what Lindsay needed to stimulate her imagination. She would be walking from one room to another and go, "ooooooh can't you just imagine the counts, countesses, all dressed up, and like..."

The flowers were definitely one of my favorite parts. Everywhere. Gorgeous. "He who plants a garden, plants happiness". Amen! :)

At one of the castles, they had these INCREDIBLE and HUGE flower arrangements in each room. All real flowers. All of the arrangements are made daily, and from flowers from the castle grounds.

I made Linds stand by some of them. Soooooo cool! Look how big that basket is! And look at how beautiful my sister is! :)

We needed a place to stay for 1 night, and figured instead of staying in a cheap hotel, if we could find something cute for the same price then we'd do that. And I found a place! A cute bed and breakfast! It was soooooo adorable! We loved it! We had our own little room with a bathroom and then we shared a kitchen with the other two rooms. There was only one other older couple staying there at the same time as us.

The bed and breakfast is the right side and the family lived in the left part.

I wanted so badly to stop and take a picture of the fields of poppies, but helas, we didn't get around to it. There were a few scattered in this wheat field, and I thought it looked so pretty!

Our evening activities included yahtzee, reading, journaling, talking, and going to bed early in order to prepare for our big day the next day! :)

Breakfast was probably our favorite part -- a typical French breakfast, and we ate with the older couple that was also staying there. It was so fun talking to them and getting to know them. That's our host in the mirror in the background. :)

It was such a fun trip! So much fun to be with Linds and to discover a beautiful part of France! 

We miss you Shorty and Ando!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

not the opera, but flowers and balcony chairs are cool too!

My sister Lindsay has been here a week already, and we have been having some great times together! Last night, we were supposed to go to the awesome outdoor opera and actually sing with the opera singers at intermission, but helas, I came down with a severe throat infection + fever and was in bed most of the day. It was sooooooo dissapointing, as I had wanted to do this with her for a long time. But I'm so thankful that she was able to go, and meet up with some of my friends, which are now becoming her friends too. She blogged about it, so check it out!

Anyway, I didn't get to go to the awesome downtown opera due to illness, but I captured some other aspects of our daily lives.

First off, do you see these gorgeous flowers!?!!

They were for my birthday, from these sweet cousins of mine: Jenny, Tracie and Melanie.

Saturday morning, my intercom rang and there, to my great surprise and delight, was a florist with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet, ordered all the way from the US! It totally made my day, and it was incredibly thoughtful of these girls. THANK YOU ladies!!!!! They are still blooming beautifully!

Halle also picked me my favorite flowers for my birthday. Daisies. I totally agree with Meg Ryan that they are the happiest flowers. 

Since I'll be here this summer, I decided to develop my green thumb and try growing some tomatoes and other flowers again. I found this great balcony planter, that fits perfectly in the narrow part of my balcony, and when there is sun, it gets plenty of it. Great place for tomatoes!

And geraniums... oh how I love geraniums.

For my birthday, some of my friends got together and bought these awesome awesome patio chairs that I had been eyeing for a while at IKEA. Aren't they so cute and summery?

Linds and I had our lunch on them in the sun today.

She's been such a good nurse (Shorty, you'd be so proud) and has been making these amazing and healthy smoothies. They feel so good on my sore throat and just super super tasty! Hey Joel, see those strawberries? They were frozen from a few months ago, and make for some amazing-tasting and cold smoothies! Et bim! 

We just got back from a long walk in the great outdoors and I commented to her how privileged I feel to have this time with her. She's a gem and I love continuing to get to know her and deepen our friendship! And we have some big things planned for this week-end, so...stay tuned!! :)