Friday, May 31, 2013

new roomate!!!

She's here!! I am just a little bit excited :)

It is really really REALLY encouraging being with family! I miss mine a lot, and having my sister here, living with someone who grew up the same as I did, who has the same habits, ways of doing things... it's so refreshing and wonderful!

I saw her doing the dishes yesterday (points for her!) and even in the little things like that, I noticed some similarities of how we do things -- you know how everyone has a specific way of washing dishes? There's a routine of washing, rinsing, wiping the counter, etc. You're following me right? And how some people leave soap in the sponge or not... well we do things the exact same way. Probably just like our mama!

It's the little things in life, that make me feel at home. :) I'm so thankful to have a new roomate!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

light in my day

Today was a very busy day! Lots of running around, and man, grocery shopping for a growing family is quite different than grocery shopping for just me! It was a good day, and I really loved having coffee with some very special people, but I got home (still at Rick and Lisa's house) and was tired and worn out. Mallory was already home from school, and upstairs doing something when I walked in.

I went into my room, and saw this on my desk

Beautiful flowers... she knows how much I love fresh flowers! SO thoughtful!

And not only had she picked me flowers, but she wrote me the sweetest note! Talk about putting a HUGE smile on my face! Isn't that thoughtful? Oh and yeah, we totally have code names for each other. We've had them for about 5 years already. Their meanings are secret though, so don't even ask! :)

She has such a beautiful, attentive, caring, and loving heart. She is always always ready to give me a hug and ask how I'm doing. I am cherishing these moments with her and these seemingly small, but really grand gestures she does for me!

Monday, May 20, 2013

the grass cutting master

Nicolas mowed the lawn on Saturday. It only took him 1.5 hours and it looks great! Who doesn't love freshly mowed grass? Or the smell of it when it's happening?

Mallory documented the before and after pictures -- these are mostly for Rick, in case he wondered what his yard was looking like in his absence. No worries Rick, your 3rd boy did a superb job!

Mallory is sitting here with me again, and she's got the blogging fever. And the Bieber fever! Oh yeah! :)

The grass was indeed getting long!

Mallory here. Hello again! Melissa had asked me to take pictures, so I did, but without Nicolas looking cause he was doing his job. And I came up to him and I said, "smile!!!" and he was like "non mais arrete la c'est bon" which translated loosely means "hello my dear sister I love you so much and can't live without you!"  

Just kidding. Really, he told me to stop taking his picture. So Melissa took over, and "discreetly" took a few.

Melissa here. He still wasn't smiling, probably because I was standing right in his way and trying to make him smile for my pictures. Why wouldn't that make a teenage boy smile??

Rick, he takes his work very seriously! 

And then I told him I was going to make him cinnamon rolls on Monday morning. 
Look what a little bribery can do! :)

Doesn't the grass look great? This was the almost finished picture! 

And did Nic get his cinnamon rolls? Oh yes! There was a huge pan setting out this morning for breakfast, and by 11h30, they were all gone. Let's just say, I got a lot of hugs this morning from my "siblings" :) They were happy campers! 

Mallory and I also surprised one of our special, fun, good-hygiened (thanks for brushing your teeth!!) super, talented, busy, hairy, and awesome friends with a mini pan of cinnamon rolls to provide a bit of encouragement. 

After that, we took a detour to my apartment (we were kicking ourselves for not bringing along the camera!)  to plant my tomatoes and water my plants. Memories in the making, let me tell you!! Now let's hope my tomato plants bear some good fruit for my sister (and maybe Mom) when they come! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

when melissa comes to town

(This blog post is a joint effort between Mallory and Melissa).

While Mallory's parents are looking for houses in the states, Melissa is staying with the 3 youngest kiddos, in a little suburb of Rennes. Hello part-ay house. Euhh, just kidding parents! :)

We're going to proceed in interview fashion; I have some questions for Mallory and we have pictures to go along with it. So without further ado...

Q: As a first time blogger, can you say a little bit about yourself for those who don't know you?

Mallory: Hello world. Well, I'm 15. At least that's what people think I look like. But I'm actually 13. I'll start with my family: I have 3 brothers, 2 parents, and 1 sister (well, not a biological sister, but like melissa dorsch, she's always been my sister!) I have lived in France my whole life and I go to a French school, and of course I have a little bit of fun.

Q: I can see that... but besides posing for pictures, what other kinds of fun do you like to have? 

Mallory: When the urge comes over me, and I feel the need, I walk over, take the bus, then another bus, and then knock on Melissa's door with my little suitcase and come over for a sleep over, and you have no idea (or don't want to know!) what we get ourselves into. :)

Q: oooooook, better interrupt you there, and wow, that picture was taken when we were looking our best eh?! Love the makeup smears under my eyes... :)
So I got here late Tuesday night, can you tell me a few things that have been going on since then?

Mallory: In the morning, I wake up and even though it is early in the morning, I just look forward to Melissa braiding my hair, and...hugs whenever possible! (you can't really see it, but in the picture below, I have a side-french braid in the back)

Pre-basketball braid; I was psyyyyyched!  

Q: Lookin' good there, Mallory! You have to have pretty hair to have pretty braids. Right, Halle? :) So, you and your brothers almost always take the same early bus in the mornings. Can you tell me who leaves first and what that's like? 

Mallory: This is what Gabe looks like as he's leaving for school:  

Gabe and I leave almost at the same time, but I leave like 1 minute earlier. And as I'm walking, I see a shadow getting closer and closer to me and right when he passes me, he makes me jump, and he always gets to the bus stop before me. Now Nicolas is a whole other story. I leave around 7h21-7h22 for the 7h28 bus, and when I'm all ready and brushing my teeth, I see Nicolas in his pajamas, either playing guitar or eating breakfast downstairs (this is at like 7h18). Nicolas leaves at like 7h27, jumps over the fence, and somehow still manages to get there in time for the bus.

Q: So I have seen in these buses, that there are some seats where 4 people can all sit together, and I imagine you and your brothers LOVE sitting next to each other. Right? :)

Mallory: Hehehe (sarcastic laugh). SO funny. Not. It seems that I'm always the one who gets on the bus first, I validate my bus card and sit right up front. Gabe sits in the middle of the bus and Nic in the very very back.

Q: Awww....sibling love. If I were on the bus with you, Mallory, I'd totally sit next to you. Saturday you had your last basketball game in France. :( How was it?

Mallory: Hmmm, I didn't realize it was the last game in FRANCE until I actually said it out loud and it felt wierd. So I tried to play my best and have a good time with my team.

**melissa's interpretation of this picture: "yeah that's right red and white girl, Mallory took the ball from you! et bim! what now!?!"

My faithful fans that day were Melissa (no pictures), Gabe:

and Halle!

Gabe grabbed a ball during half time and look at that slam dunk action!

This picture was after my game, after we lost, but we still had fun and I had a happy spirit!

Melissa: Well, I think this wraps it up for now... we have more mowing and cooking pictures to come, so check back soon!

This one is for you, Moms! :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

baby what? baby who?

Hello T-woo! :)

We sure missed you last night at our last Agape event of the school year... but I wanted you to know that you were well thought of and talked about! You, and the little one you're carrying!

So... I asked everyone to say whether they thought your baby was a boy or a girl AND pick a name -- you know, in case you need some good options! The result? See for yourself!

People who think it's going to be a boy:

People who think it's going to be a girl:

And then there's Dan... 

 And Francis...

Who did relatively the same thing without consulting one another. :)

We had a great time talking about your baby and hope that you, Trent and baby are all doing well!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

early morning in my 'hood

I love early mornings. I love how it's quiet, still, new and fresh. We have been having some awesome weather lately, making it perfect for early morning walks!

Look at the pretty wheat coming up!

These cows were very curious as to the human walking by.

They were watching closely

He was my favorite. Trying to be a cowboy with straw hanging out of his mouth. Coolest cow in the group

Today is a BIG day for the Dorsch family! My sister Lindsay is celebrating her birthday AND my sister Shorty is graduating from nursing school AND my brother Andrew flew home and surprised everyone!!!!! SO much to be thankful for!

More on Lindser later :)