Tuesday, April 30, 2013

toucan is here

Yesterday I got the surprise of my life. Halle and I have a friend visiting from the US, and unbeknownst to me, "sweet and innocent Halle" had facebooked Shorty to tell her of this opportunity to get Toucan back into my apartment. I must give it to her -- it was a job well done, a very clever strategy and it completely, 100% surprised me! And she still is sweet and innocent, though not neutral like she thinks. :) I had the two girls over for lunch and after we were done with our main dish, I went to the kitchen to get the dessert ready, while the girls took advantage of that time and carefully placed Toucan right by my plate. When I came back, I first noticed Carolyn videoing and didn't see Toucan, and then I looked down at my plate. WHAT!?!?! I couldn't believe it. How in the world... Halle?? Lindsay?? Shorty!?! I knew that my only faithful ally at this point was Kyle. Thanks buddy (we'll be in touch! mouahaha) :)

It was good to see Toucan again, but he sure misses Shorty.

Other people were happy to see him too.

Thank you for being so thoughtful and sending him back, Shorty. One other question -- how old were those resees that you sent with him!?!?! They were a bit strange looking/tasting! Thank you for sending them though, so sweet of you! Oh, and Toucan says hi and that he doesn't like having a long distance relationship with you. I told him I'd help him out. :)

On a completely different note. Spring is here and it's GORGEOUS everywhere! This is my backyard that I get to walk through everyday.

Simply gorgeous.

My parents are flying back to Kansas tomorrow for a month. I'm so thankful my siblings will get to see them!

Monday, April 29, 2013

lyon wedding, beautiful countryside, staff kids and may the 4th

I didn't know what to title this blog post so...there you have it.

This week-end I went to Lyon (10ish hours from Rennes) for the wedding of a very cool lady that is also on staff with Agape. I first met her in 2004 when I did a summer project in Nice, and her (now) husband came to visit while we were there. They were just friends back then. :)

It was a very beautiful wedding and they were/are SO happy!

I was thrilled to see my franco-american siblings. I hadn't seen them in about 1.5 weeks. Too long. Aren't they good looking kids?

Hmmm, this was supposed to be the silly picture, Gabe.

My sweet little Mallory...she is almost taller than me! When did that happen!?!

"Hey guys, look excited!"

The surrounding area of Lyon was incredibly pretty. Especially with it being spring and everything blooming and the "new green" on trees...it was so picturesque!

I bought cheese from the region. And now my fridge smells. Like wow, it smells strong. But it's gooood cheese!

Doesn't this bench just look so inviting?! Looks like a perfect spot to read Chronicles of Narnia!  

Though it was a lot of driving, it was well worth it to see so many friends and celebrate such a special day! 

And this week-end there's another wedding of a girl I met when I was in Nantes! 

AND Shorty is graduating from nursing school AND Lindsay has a birthday!!!! May the fourth. Big big day! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

we supersized it!

A few week-ends ago, we had our spring retreat with students and introduced everyone to dutch blitz. Only one of the greatest games EVER! I had heard of people in Whitewater doing a live version where people actually run the cards to the middle, and it sounded like a great game for our student retreat. After getting some great advice from Cheryl in Sweden (they had just done it as well), we printed the big playing cards and introduced the awesomeness at our week-end.

Each team had one person who was in charge of the 10-pile, one person in charge of turning the cards over (we did 1 at a time) and the other people were runners.

We added a few rules, like the runners could only carry one card at a time, they had to come all the way back to home base and not just get handed cards while waiting in the middle, etc.

And it just got crazy! Look at these runners going oh so fast

People were sliding on cards, stepping on them... it was great! I laughed sooooooo much and it definitely was a hit among the students!

I want to play this at our next Wiebe get-together! Uncle Tom's vs. Uncle Gordon's. Oh yeah bring it on! :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the one where anne and I sewed new things!

I know I know. Hard to believe that there is a new post to read after hmmm a loooong time with no new blogging. But I'm bound and determined to change, and have several new posts lined up and ready! Shorty, you can add me back to your favorites :) 

Yesterday Anne and I decided to get crafty and thanks to some wonderful people lending us their sewing machine, we were able to sew to our hearts content! Anne had learned how a long time ago, but needed to remind herself and have a few practice rounds. 

One nicely sewn geometric shape on blue fabric: check! We were ready to move on!

Anne's real project was hemming a new tablecloth. She found some great material on sale at the fabric store, and she turned it into a great tablecloth! So Martha Stewart. She did a super job! Her brown plates will look so pretty and inviting on it! 

My project was to make a round bean bag/floor cushion.

I didn't have a compass, or something big enough to trace the circles for the bag, so we tied a piece of chalk on a string the length of the desired diameter and while Anne held down the string in the middle, I made a circle. We felt so smart. 'specially when we remembered that to figure out how long to cut the piece of fabric to go on the side of the cushion, we had to figure the circumference of a circle: pi x diameter. Math really IS useful! :)

I cut out my pieces and got to work pinning and sewing.

Once the bag was finished, I stuffed lots of this stuff into it

And voila le finished project! It's by no means perfect, but I love it! A nice pop of color as Sherry would say -- right, Flat? :)

For dinner we wanted to make a new recipe, so we tried "chicken casserole supreme" from the Regier cookbook! It was tasty!

Such a fun afternoon with Anne and so fun to be crafty and sew! I made a few other things this morning and love having a sewing machine around!