Wednesday, November 28, 2012

being crafty does my heart good

It's almost the end of November, but we couldn't let a whole month go by without a special craft time with the little staff girls (and Halle!).

We're in the Christmas mood, so we made little snowmen out of terra cotta pots. I spray painted them yesterday, and today we made hats, glued eyes, drew noses, etc.

The girls do such a good job. I love seeing them getting creative and crafty!

This is Julie and Anna's mama. It was a lot of fun having her here today, and we needed her help! She's a really really cool lady, and it's a blessing working with her and her husband here in Rennes.

Halle and I always joke that we enjoy this time more than the girls...
But they were pretty proud of their finished products!

Aren't they SOO cute?? :) I can't wait for December!

Monday, November 26, 2012

2 thanksgivings in Rennes

Some of you have heard about our student Thanksgiving -- it was awesome!!! Over 100 people... enough hot food, it was a lot of fun! I didn't take hardly any pictures (gasp!), and this first one of our team isn't mine. Tara painted this Thanksgiving football scene, and did an amazing job!!

These are the people I work with! :)

Our emcees of the night were a brother/sister duo and they did a great job!

Joel, even had a papoose. Someone said it was a "bring your kid to work day".

Like I said... I took hardly any pictures, but it was a great evening! 

Then Sunday, we had a Thanksgiving celebration with our "Agape family". Lisa did a fantastic job decorating and making our office look all Thanksgiving-y. 

One of the highlights... having all of the staff kids there with us! Speaking of staff kids, Wednesday is craft day at my house! :)

Julie was quite the cute turkey.

Oops. I thought we were making funny faces... this is Mallory's big brother, my "little" brother.

The staff have mastered the art of keeping their different dishes hot -- wrapped in towels and fleece blankets keeps stuff hot for a long time!

Kind of matching.

After the big meal and before dessert, Anne and I organized a few games...

and skits...

Lots and lots of laughter. I am so thankful for these people!

Thank you to all my dear aunts and uncles and Minnesota family for taking such good care of my siblings! It means a lot!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Today is Andrew's birthday. My taller-than-me little brother!

Born in France, raised in Central Africa and Burkina and now lives in Minnesota.

We've always been good friends. Before our little sisters joined us in Africa, we did cool stuff like wear bandanas on our head, go to French classes/daycare (he slept through everything) and helped our parents settle into our home in Bangui.

Then one at a time, we welcomed little sister Lindsay and little sister Shorty into our family. We like them a lot too. So Andrew had the privilege of growing up with 3 sisters. And he is SO good to us!

Every time I've been back in MN to visit him, he goes above and beyond the brotherly call of duty and spoils me. One example: he HATES coffee, but because he knows how much I love it, he always always takes me to get a cup, but not only that, but always insists on paying. That's love! :)

He is quality. A neat combination of sensitive and strong, independent and relational, caring and funny,  generous, sincere, and a deep and growing desire to grow in His love for God and His word.

He's a lot like my Dad in 2 ways:
1. He can remember historic dates, facts, people, events like you wouldn't believe. He's a history buff.
2. He cracks himself up at his own jokes... oh dear...

He can also quote Remember the Titans in its entirety -- something that makes him go up in my books!! 

Happy Birthday, Ando!! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

cornhole in Rennes

We've been promoting our big Thanksgiving Event tomorrow night by playing cornhole on campus. I'd never played... but have played a looooot of hours of it in the past 2 days!

It's a very simple game.

You throw a beanbag full of corn and try to get it in the hole on the other board.

It's way harder than it looks!

I think a lot of students thought we were crazy... strange people playing a wierd American game. :) But lots of people came and joined us and well, it's addicting!

Dan and Rick made the boards, Tara painted them and I sewed the beanbags (don't look too closely A. Florene!)

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I talked with my sister and it made me so homesick! So thankful that my sisters have awesome family to spend Thanksgiving with, and that Andrew has our Minnesota family to be with! And I can't complain -- eating a Thanksgiving meal with 80-100 students... it'll be pretty cool! More pictures to come!