Saturday, June 30, 2012

learning from the best

A couple weeks ago, Erika and I drove up to Bird City. Our trip was two-fold:
1. Spend some quality time with our dear Grandma
2. Learn how to make bierrocks.

My Grandma makes the best bierrocks EVER, and it was about time we learned how to do it.

Bird City beef

The first night that we sat down to dinner I said, "Grandma, are those your cows out there?" pointing to the couple of cows I saw grazing in the pasture. "Yep!" she responded, "those are the ones that will be in the freezer this year." Oooook.

Anyway. next, we chopped up the onions. Notice Shorty's lovely pink lace apron.

While Shorty cut up and teared up over the onions, Grandma and I shredded lots of cabbage.

Really, I was helping... this was just a split second break so Shorty could snap a picture to prove I was there.

She seemed to be getting less and less enthused about the picture taking.

After we seasoned, cooked, seasoned and cooked the hamburger, onions and cabbage, we put it in a bowl in the fridge overnight. Just to let all of the cabbage and hamburger absorb all of the seasoning.

The next day we made the bread dough. Oops. No picture.

Once the dough had risen, we were ready to start cutting out squares and fill them up with the scrumptious filling.


Then you brush the tops with egg and bake them for a while.

They turned out SOOO good. We know that it's almost entirely due to our Grandma and nothing really that we did. :) But it was great fun, and today my Mom told Shorty and I that we needed to make them again to prove that we had learned how to do it. Hehe. We shall see.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

a picture that makes me smile

Lindsay got here on Tuesday, which means that our house is at 50% capacity of the Tom Dorsch family!

We went over to our dear aunt and uncle's house (thanks for the photo Aunt Terry!) for coffee yesterday morning. We weren't looking our finest, but we are SO happy to be together!

And today is June 21st, which means 4 things:

1. I'll be back in France a month from today
2. It's the longest day of the year
3. It's the first day of summer
4. It's DANAE'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday, Danae!!! I have LOVED being your neighbor and coming over for coffee (well, that one time, but hope it's not the last!) :)

You are so hardworking, loving, generous, caring, hilarious, sensitive to others, creative, and a wonderful wife to Matt, oh and truly a wonderful cousin! Love you dearly and Happy Birthday! Oh, and I still haven't eaten your caramels. :) Oh oh, and do you like the can of Dr. Pepper in our picture? Classy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

crazy cool sky

The other morning sometime before 8, this is what the sky looked like. It was SO cool and strange. I didn't change any settings on my camera -- there was this yellowish hue all around. You can tell there's a lot of wind also.

Isn't that an ominous cloud bank?

It made me think of that children's book about Henny Penny. You know which one I'm talking about? The chicken who runs around screaming "the sky is falling! The sky is falling!" That's what it looked like. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

the northwest most county in the state of Kansas.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Shorty and I took a bunch of pictures in BC this week, and we thought you'd enjoy seeing some pictures of your home (and your oldest and youngest)! :)

Know what field that is? Heyho! Good picture taking, Grandma!!

A beautiful morning at the Dorsch farm


on the road in front of Grandma's. But you knew that right? I mean, you could tell where I was standing?

I zoomed in from where I was standing in the picture above so you could see Bird City

(Cass, I was thinking of you when I took this. Looks like it needs a new paint job!)

The rest of these were taken after Atwood on our way to Colby. Shorty was driving.

Kansas isn't flat, those are kind of like rolling hills.

The BIG hill!

I'm sure this gets you excited to come back and see it all in person! Grandma sure is looking forward to that. And we are too!

Hope Mom gave you my Father's Day hug!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

what I saw when I came home from town

When I came back from town a couple days ago, there was a lot going on at the Dorsch household.

A lot of square bales needed to be put in the barn

I was so sneaky with my camera.

They had no idea I was there.

It was hard to hide my camera from the inside guys.

It was really hot and dusty.

Oh! Ben just saw me!

The bales kept getting higher and higher. It apparently wasn't bothering them that the bales they were throwing were blocking me off and limiting my view.

I ran back down right when they were finishing and yelled up at Casey and told him and Jason to come and lean out of the window for a picture. Casey shouted back that Jason had already gone back down

Right then, Jason walked out beside me and said, "I knew you were going to ask us to do something like that, so I came straight down".

He thought he was getting out of it. But I still got his picture. Mouahaha.

Monday, June 11, 2012

this week in Rennes...

...this good looking couple will become husband and wife!


They are a wonderful couple! Words to describe them?

Creative and Loving

Fun and Intelligent

Godly and Caring

Adventurous and Courageous

Thoughtful and Entertaining

The list could go on.

I am SO thankful for how uniquely God has shaped them, perfect for each other, and for how they will become Mr. and Mrs. Hoffmann on Saturday, June 16th!

Wish I could be there to help celebrate! I will look forward to hearing all about it!

Gros bisouuuuuuus à vous deux!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

guest blogger: Erika Dorsch!

Hello Blogging World!!

This is my first official appearance as a writer on a blog, so bear with me as I don’t exactly know what I am doing!

First of all, I will need a blogging penname. My sisters have clever titles such as “Oh the Places You’ll Go” and “Reckless Abandon.”  After much contemplation, short nights, and not enough coffee, I have come up with my own deep and meaningful title: “The Tales of the Honorable Codfish Ruler.” The meaning behind that my friends is a story for another time!

So, I guess this is the part now where I talk about my life! So here it goes!

I work as a CNA at a nursing home in the same town I go to college in: Hesston! I LOVE my job there; I am already really attached to the residents! They are so sweet and I love it when they give me kisses! But unfortunately, HIPPA regulations prevent me from going into much detail about my job and the people I work with.

Wheat harvest has been going full swing around my house, and Melissa and I decided we better be a part of it before it ends. 

So we headed to my Uncle Ernie and Aunt Florene’s to help/observe/get in the way of busy farmers/take pictures! Upon arrival we began by making Ranger Cookies. If you have never made those; oh boy; you are missing out! Who knew cereal in cookies could be so delicious! My job was to taste test the dough AND the cookies to make sure they were “farmer edible.”

Then Melissa started making pigs-in-the-blanket for supper while I headed out to field! My cousin Taylor was overjoyed to give me a ride in the grain cart. 

He drove me over to the combine where my other cousin Matthew was, and I’m sure, he also, was thrilled to let me ride along!

About an hour into the ride, Matthew told me that he would show me how to drive the combine! WOOHOO! Sherlynn, another cousin, told me that Matthew was the best teacher around. So I felt safe and in good hands thinking he would walk me through step by step and slowly give me the control. 

I.was.WRONG! He showed me how to steer and how to accelerate and then he got up,  forcing me to move over into the driver's seat! YIKES! All of a sudden I was in charge of a very expensive piece of machinery and was cutting their wheat! 

But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I harvested 450 bushels (not acres!!) of wheat! Matthew even said I was a very good driver!

Among the good conversation I had with my cousin, there was also time to explore my talent in the arts. So, I decided to artistically capture the moment, shown in the picture below! 

In my artistic defense, the ride was a bit bumpy!

Melissa brought out yummy suppers for all of us, including the pigs-in-the-blanket and MORE cookies! It was delicious! 

After a long afternoon of combining, this girl sure was hungry, so thanks Aunt Florene and Melissa for a wonderful meal!

When I am not working or driving combine, I am usually hanging out with 1 of 2 people. Either Melissa:

Or Kyle:

Sometimes we all 3 hang out together, and oh man is that fun! It is fun I should say, until we start playing Boggle. Then the fun decreases for me, but increases for the other two.

I love being home…I love it so much! 

This place is what I consider my home. I have lived in this house for 7 years now, and coming back to it truly feels like coming home. I only wish I could come home to find more family, but only a few more days and parents and sister will be home!!! 

As for now, I love living with Melissa! She and I have such good times together as you have seen in her previous blog postings. She is a hoot! We laugh SO much and are enjoying all these times we can have together before she goes back to France.

That’s it for now! See you next time!
Erika (Honorable codfish ruler)