Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ouagadougou for 10 days

It's TIME!!!!!

I'm finishing up my cup of coffee before hopping on a bus, then a metro, then a plane, then a 4x4 pickup! 

Will have lots to tell and pictures to show when I get back! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

she's a riot

My parents moved to a different guest house (temporary housing while they look for their own house) in Niamey, and their new home has internet!!!

At their previous dwelling place, there was no internet. They had to go across town to the one bakery with wifi, where the wifi didn't always work, thus, seriously limiting our communication.

But last night, my Mom was able to get on skype in her (temporary) house for the first time! It was awesome. I mean, she's just so cool.

You know how you can take snapshots of people while you're video skyping with them? Well, I was trying to sneakily take some of her, but I kept getting the giggles as she was being so funny. Then we had this conversation:

Mom: why are you laughing?
Me: I've been taking pictures of you! Mouahaha
Mom: WHAT!?! you can DO that!? how do you do that?
Me: oooh I'm sooo NOT telling you cause who knows what you'll do with pictures you take.
Mom: (insert evil giggle) what? I would do no such thing. C'mon! Who do you think I am?

2 seconds later, I heard the "click" of her skype camera. And the look on her face said it all; she'd figured it out and was mighty proud of sneaky little self.

Isn't she a hoot? Oh how I love her!

We had a second humorous conversation: 

Me: Ohhhh Kris is calling me on skype!!!
Mom: Well don't answer, you're talking to ME! 
Me: Ok. ok. I won't. 

2 seconds later...

Mom: oooooh Kris is calling ME! I'm going to put you on hold. 
Me: whaa----- and then I realized, I was already on hold. Ha.

Don't you feel so important and special, Kris? :)

My parents have been in Niger for 2 weeks now, and already I've learned a lot through their experience; one of the things being how much I take communication for granted. 

It made me think of when our family first moved to Africa in the late 1980s and how we communicated with faxes, handwritten letters and 2-3 phone calls a YEAR. So much has changed from then until now and though I want to enjoy the advances in technology, I also want to keep in mind that it's a privilege to be able to communicate, not a right. 

And last night was indeed a privilege. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

isn't it a lovely place to live?

Just a few pictures that I took today as I was walking around. Especially for those of you who now live far away -- a glimpse of your old city and the changes that are happening. :)

This little strip of coffee shops has the New Zealand cafe (with starbucks-like coffee) that I now frequent regularly...

It also has a cafe called the "Le Candiot" which is very famous in Rennes.

But they're redoing it! It's all closed up for renovations!!

They're fixing up the post office buliding at Republic so it goes from this 

to this

And this is my little backyard. :)

I love living here. It gives me great joy. Especially the people.

Monday, October 10, 2011

giving simon a haircut

Last night, Simon oh so willingly entrusted Josephine and I to give him a haircut. :) We didn't have hair cutting scissors  which made it kind of difficult... and also took extra long. I think it took us an hour and 20 minutes. hahaha. But it worked, and it was fuuuuuuun.

(the pictures are super grainy...sorry!)

Doesn't he look reassured that we know what we're doing?

We kept getting the giggles. Maybe that's why he wasn't too reassured.

We had SO much fun! That is, Josephine and I. It was definitely a team effort. I'm sure Simon loved it too, though a bit worried through the whole process. :)

He's a new man! I think it turned out great!!

If anyone else needs a haircut, just give us a holler!! Unless you live in Kansas, and then call Lisa Wiebe in Hesston and she'll do a fabulous job!

Monday, October 3, 2011

buying fruit from a friend

Tereza got a part time job selling fruit at various farmer's markets around town. On Saturday, I went to the biggest farmer's market (as seen in previous posts) and it was SO fun to see her there selling stuff.

So then it was my turn. She convinced me to buy some grapes -- with seeds of course, as all grapes in France.

They were really really good.

She was a very good little fruit seller, though no friend discounts were given. Ahem. Maybe next time.

There's a new place I want to try into town! Lisa told me about it and when I saw it, I was convinced. En plus, it's BAGELS!!!!