Wednesday, August 31, 2011

6:03 am

This is what I saw from my balcony this morning when I woke up. The colors were incredible.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

meet my new plant

A couple days ago, I got a coupon in the mail that said "one free little plant" from a big gardening store in the area. The coupon didn't just say "one free plant", it very clearly specified that it was "one free LITTLE plant".  Probably so the coupon-receiver didn't get overly excited thinking they would acquire something "normal sized".

But regardless of the qualifying adjectives, I was stoked to get a new plant. And for freeeeee!?! Yes, please!

Joel and Jeremie went with me and we decided to name her Chuckita. "Ita" being a Spanish diminutive for little. So yes, "little Chuck". Don't you think it suits her? :)

She doesn't seem very small in the pictures, but that's because we re-potted her, encouraging much growth and expansion!

What a happy day to open up my mailbox and get a coupon for a free little plant!

cafe latte and a rainbow umbrella

Joanna and I really wanted a "cafe con leche" the Spanish way this afternoon. When we were in Spain, we had these amazing cups of coffee and they tasted a bit different than what you can find here in France.

So, upon seeing a sign for a "latte" which isn't super common here, we decided to chance it.

Hmmm. It wasn't like the ones in Spain. But it was still good. We had a wonderful time anyway. :)

Joanna is so much fun. She was on the camino with me TWICE and she's going to Burkina with us in October!!!!!!! Doesn't that cup look ridiculously small??

While we were having coffee, I noticed this little girl not too far from us, just standing outside of a shop, holding a huge rainbow umbrella.

She was so cute! Moral of the story? Always always bring your camera! And always always have time for coffee. (just for you helenka^^)

Friday, August 26, 2011

first game of the year!

Last night a group of us went to watch the awesomeness that is Rennes football. And with a final score of 4-0 we were not disappointed!! 

It rained the whole time, we got really wet, but we're hard core so we it didn't phase us. 

Have you met Sam before? He's soooo funny. He's marrying my cool cool friend Sophie. They're super cute together.

This picture cracks me up. Look at all those different expressions!

Hard core fans these are.

Halle's parents are visiting and what a blessing and privilege for them to be here at a time when they could go to the Stade Rennais game!! It was soooo fun to meet her parents; they're so much fun.

Now let's get down to business. 

New goalie this year. 

My new favorite player is number 7, hailing from BURKINA FASO!!! We call him "Pitt" for short. He plays forward and is incredibly fast and talented. I don't have to point out that it's the guy in the red, right? You knew Rennes's colors are red and black? 

I told you Rennes was hard core -- we even had a player playing with a cast on his arm. :) Oh, and that's Pitt in the front of the picture

We played against Belgrade, Serbia (Europa League) and the fans that came from Belgrade were OUT OF CONTROL. Twice they made this explosion noise that sounded like a bomb and several times they lit those bright flares that put off sooo much smoke.

The second time it happened, the director of the stadium made an announcement on the loud speaker that "if the fans of Belgrade don't calm down, we will stop the game". It was that serious. So for about 5 minutes, the players just hung out on the field while they waited for things to calm down.

After the game we came back to my house and set up a mini cinema with a video projector and speakers and continued the star wars saga that we've been having this month of August. Seriously cool movies. Shorty, be so proud that I'm learning so much about the force.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My parents are celebrating their 31 year anniversary today! How cool.

And they're so cutesey and in love and wear matching bandannas. It's an awesome awesome thing. Seriously great example to so many people.

Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Dorsch! I loooooove you!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

on my balcony

I have LOVED being here this summer and trying to grow things. And by "being here" I mean, being around enough to tend to my little garden. I would not have been able to do so without the help of Joanna and Jeremie who faithfully (and successfully!) watered my plants for me while I was gone on a couple different trips.

Simon's tomato plant. He planted little tomato seeds and then gave the little (and dying, I might add) plant to me when he left Rennes at the beginning of the summer. It's now producing beautiful little tomatoes! 

Some of my flowers

This hibiscus plant was a birthday gift and it reminds me so much of Africa! I love it.

It's so much fun having flowers! I have big ideas and dreams for how I can further transform my balcony but... one year at a time. 

I've been doing a few "fresh for fall" (as Halle calls it) things around my apartment, just to well, freshen things up for the fall. :) Things such as sewing new polka dot pillows for my couch:

And I have a few more projects that are slowly coming together that I'm pumped about. Oh how I love DIY projects and craftiness!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

new wall art!

I saw this idea a while back, and thought it was soooo cute. I love maps and loooove doing projects with scrapbook paper, so it was the perfect little project. But forget America, I wanted to make Africa. :)

I would still like to write something on the top right (I had a spacing / layout problem) but haven't had much inspiration as to what I should write. Ideas? Other than "africa"? :)

Flatty, dost though approvest?

Friday, August 12, 2011

THE yellow arrow

I wonder how many yellow arrows there are on the whole camino? A lot. In the little village of Ligonde, I think there are 3 total. One right as you come into the village, and then two on the wall of the refuge we were at. 

The two that were on the house badly needed a fresh coat of paint, and I was overly eager and excited to help repaint them. I mean, making yellow arrows yellower!? Helping people find their way along the camino!? Sounded like a highly important job and responsibility. I was up for the challenge.

So I found some yellow paint and started painting. And yes, I most definitely am rocking a pink bandanna.  

A beautiful and new yellow arrow! 

Enter Jairo, my new Columbian friend. He wanted to help, so he started repainting the other yellow arrow, which is actually the first one you see when you're coming down the road. 

Since it's the first arrow you see when you're at a "crossroad", technically it could be considered the most important arrow of the two. SOME might even argue that my arrow is a useless arrow.

Useless arrow?? I think not. I mean, if anything it's MORE important because it's a confirmation that you're still going the right way. Right? I mean, who doesn't like a bit of confirmation that they're going the right way in life!?! Exactly. I think I won that battle.

And then I'm not exactly sure what happened. Somewhere between arguing which arrow was the most important,

and fighting over who got to finish painting the first arrow,

 I got a yellow arrow painted in my hair.
Hahaha. And this yellow paint is most definitely oil-based paint. :) 

It took a LOT of washing of my hairs to get it out! Oh but it was entertaining hearing all of the "compliments" on my newly highlighted hair from people.

Thank you, Jairo! I think you've found your calling in life! 

it was just... FUN!

One of the things I loved the most about the two weeks in Spain was getting to be on a team of really fun people from ALL over the world. There were 30 of us all together and it was amazing to me see how quickly we became a close community of people. Maybe sharing 2 showers and 2 toilets helped with the close bonding! :)

I have sooooo many pictures... here are just a few to give you a flavor of what our team was like.

There are probably more cows than people in the little village of Ligonde, and several times a day, they would walk by our little house.

Which meant that one of the daily tasks was making sure the walkway in front of the house was cow-poo-free.

Everything is training was our motto.

He literally rolled down the hill.

This cracked me up. These were my walking buddies that day; the Columbian and the French. We were all so tired and thought the ditch looked like a comfortable spot for our lunch. So we sat down, ate, and the guys took a 45 minute "power nap" while I took pictures!

cutest Dutch couple ever. seriously. 

Two of our leaders -- Marc and Felix making their famous garlic bread!

What a blessing to meet and connect with quality people in such a short time!