Thursday, March 31, 2011

they're growing!!!!

Look at the tiny little daisies that have started growing in my pot!!!!

Daisies are hands down my absolute favorite flower in the entire world. So you can imagine my elation when I received packets of daisy seeds from my bank in Kansas as a thank you for being a customer there. Those local banks in Kansas have their perks! :) I got them last summer, and had to patiently (or not so patiently) wait until now to plant them. And so about 3 weeks ago, I carefully planted the seeds, hoping to see signs of growth the next day. :) Unfortunately it takes 5-6 weeks for them to bloom, which seems like an eternity.

So here is what they looked like after I planted them.

And look what I saw today!!

There are 3 little sprouts coming up!!!!! It's sooooooo cool to watch them grow and to see progress!

This is indeed an exciting day.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm well into book 3 of The Hunger Games and they are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

a new DIY project

I've been working on a photo project for a while... people have been making fun of me for taking pictures of numbers. :) but the project is FINALLY coming to completion!!

here is a little sneak peak. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

frenchifying my balcony

Thanks to all of you who participated in my kitchen curtain dilemma. The verdict? Let's just put it this way: love is not the word I'd use to describe them... I will keep them until I can find other ones that I like more. While the lace is kind of vintage, I feel like it's the kind of grandma vintage that needs to be updated. I do really like the privacy that the curtains give though, so until I find others, I will keep them up.

Well... the adventures in France continue. Today was a fun fun day.

As it is Saturday, I went to the Saturday market and bought some more flowers. Yes, some more. I purchased some about 3 weeks ago, but they were having survival issues until recently, so I kept them a secret from you. :)

As many of you know, the French are INCREDIBLE gardeners. And by incredible, I mean, wow. There are flowers blooming everywhere and all of the public parks are beautifully manicured.

Speaking of beautifully manicured flowers... remember my neighbors balcony?

Well, their spring flowers are in bloom now, and are just as great as their fall flowers. Which makes me covetous and wanting to have an equally beautiful balcony.

SO, I have bought lots of flowers! :) I now have 12 primrose plants in balcony planters!! I thought they were pansies, until I saw pansies in the store and realized that they were NOT what I had growing on my balcony.

In order to plant the flowers I bought this morning, I needed dirt.

So this afternoon, Halle and I decided to venture out to a BIG flower / plant store to buy some.

The store was UNBELIEVABLE. I wanted one (or five) of everything.

Halle was inspired by the strawberry plants, and after reassurance that she could grow them on her balcony, she was hooked and bought 4 beautiful little plants. Future "yuuuuuuum"

But we still needed dirt. Which is when the big debate started. To buy today or not to buy? Because you see, we don't have cars, we go everywhere by bus. And we were at a store that was 20 minutes by bus to villejean, where we have to get on another bus for about 7 minutes to get to our stop, and then walk about 4 minutes.

And we each needed a 20 liter bag of dirt...which would mean, carrying VERY heavy stuff all the way home.

But it wouldn't be much of an adventure if we didn't awkwardly haul things on the bus, would it now? :)

So we did! It was HEAVY. Part way home on the bus, we got the giggles. :)


As I was walking up to my front door, guess who was standing with their hands full of grocery bags, waiting for the elevator? MY NEIGHBORS!! HA.

Oh the irony! :)

So one of them, noticing the balcony planters in my bag said, "ooh, you're going to plant things!" Ha. I was like, "yeah, I'm going to try. Hopefully it'll work!" To which he quickly responded, "oh there should be no reason why it would NOT work." And I got a big smile on my face because here I was... bonding with my neighbors and they were encouraging me in my garderning endeavors. :)

I didn't want to awkwardly cram in the elevator with them and all of their groceries AND my balcony planters, so I decided to act cool and climb the three flights of stairs (remember I have 20 liters of dirt in my hands...) and I was dead when I got to my door. Haha. But I was sooooooo happy!

And look at my balcony now! on it's way to becoming so French??

Monday, March 21, 2011

i need your vote!

What do you think? Do you like the French-lace-kitchen-curtains?

Someone gave them to me a year ago when they left Rennes, and I FINALLY found a curtain rod that goes with the already-in-place curtain rod hardware from the previous renter.

So tonight, I put these up, just to see if I liked them, and am needing your opinions. 

Do you like them? HONEST feedback people!!!

And yes, my dishes are washed, though not put away... and Aunt Florene -- do you recognize my tea towel? :)


 I wish I could destroy the wallpaper, but... I'm just a renter, and we renters don't have many rights. :)

If you're never commented, but always thought you should, NOW IS THE TIME!

Should I keep the curtains or not?

Friday, March 18, 2011

it's a game I play

Some of you are aware of my favorite game to play on the bus. Some of you have played.

On the buses in France, you have to press the "stop" button when you want the bus driver to stop at your stop. He doesn't automatically stop at each of the stops on his route, unless there is someone to pick up or someone to drop off. Which means, you need to pay attention to where you're going and not get too engrossed in a book and forget to push the "stop" button, or the driver keeps going. I speak from experience.

One thing to keep in mind as you're reading this and mentally mocking the simplicity of my game is to remember that I'm very easily amused. It doesn't take much. I mean, when my brother and sisters and I would come back to the states after three years in Africa, we were so thrilled when we would ride in "American cars" with automatic windows -- I mean, you a press a button one way and the window comes down, and press it the other way and the window goes up? Pure genius. Or watching a box that has people moving and talking in it, without being able to touch them? Amazing! Ha. Just kidding on the last one. We had a TV in Africa. But we could only use it for watching movies. No TV stations.

Anyway, back to the awesome game.

So how does it work?

It's very simple: Getting the bus driver to stop at your stop WITHOUT you pushing the "stop" button.
And how do you do that? You wait and see if someone else will push it before you.

It's like playing chicken with the "stop" button and other passengers. Thrilling is a word I would use to describe this game.

So if someone else is getting off at your stop and presses the button before you, you've won.
If there are multiple people getting off at your stop and you end up pushing the button, you've lost. Make sense?

Of course if no one gets off (which is sometimes hard to tell) and you don't press it... then the bus driver doesn't stop where you want him too, and you have to walk back... That's unfortunate.

It's very simple, but boy is it entertaining. And addicting.

Some of you who have come to visit have played it -- which really, is an easy win because I just say "press the button" and you obey because you don't know any better. Muahaha.

But it's REALLY fun playing with Halle and Tereza. :) We sometimes play it on our way to staff meetings on Tuesday mornings.

Tuesdays we get the #30 bus at 8:33. We get off about 15 minutes later, and then hop on the #5 for just 3 more stops, arriving at the office around 8:57.

What's fun about this is that we all three know the game, and we all three HAVE to get off at the same stops. This is where it becomes a matter of pride. Are we going to be so proud and stubborn that none of us press it because we want to win? One time we cut it awfully close and I finally pressed it (and subsequently lost) RIGHT before the stop. :)

Awwww, cheap entertainment!!! I mean, we take buses so much that you have to make it into a game!!

So far today I've taken 2 buses and have totally won both times. Woot!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

skype part deux

My brother is a stellar guy. He came down for a week-end visit to Kansas a couple days ago to spend some time with two of our cousins in Manhattan, and then visit Lindsay (and consequently the rest of the fam) in Emporia. Empo-town (as Lindsay calls it) is only an hour away from Mom and Dad and Shorty, and so they came up for the day today to all be together.


But, this evening I was able to skype with them and got to see everyone -- even my beautiful cousin Sherlynn!!

Remember a couple of weeks ago, I put up pictures of skyping with my sisters? Well, I couldn't resist putting up these two super cute ones of my Mama and brother. I love how they're laughing in the first one! 

Can you see a family resemblance? We always thought Andrew looked more like a Wiebe than a Dorsch. :)

It's always great getting to skype with them, but makes my heart ache just a little that I can't be with them.

I am so blessed by a wonderful family.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I got back yesterday from our week-long staff conference. It was GOOD. It's always fun to see staff that I sometimes only see at this conference -- always encouraging to hear what's happening ministry-wise in different cities in France.

Suzy (Joe's wife) and their newest little girl Sophia. adorable.

 women's lunch and speaker

Tiffany got engaged to Aaron just a week before the conference!!!!!!! 

There was a talent show during the conference, and Silas and Efrem sang an awesome French song (by memory) that was soooooo cool. Dan did a great job accompanying them, of course. 

Also during the talent show, Mallory sang "Lord I Lift Your Name on High" and did a fabulous job! She would like to be a singer when she grows up! Such talent!
I had a great time, but it was definately nice to be back home yesterday, and sleep in my own bed.

ALL of my plants made it a week without me. :) That's a huge victory!