Sunday, January 30, 2011

improving my "craft room"

I have an extra bedroom in my house that has many functions.
Piano room (I'm house-sitting a keyboard for a student!!!)
Craft room
Guest room

Having a second room has been a HUGE blessing -- especially being able to have guests over, and Halle and Tereza have both called this room "home" for a short period of time. :)

The room despeately needed some shelves, but the walls are all cement, so I wanted to limit the amount of holes I (I being used very loosely here) drilled in them. 

But at the beginning of the year, IKEA was having a special on some shelves, where if you had an IKEA Family card, you got them for really cheap. I jumped at the chance. 

Yes, I did say at the beginning of the year, and I just now put them in. Why did it take me so long? Well, as I mentioned, the walls are cement, and so you need a powerful drill to drill holes in the wall for the screws, and I needed one of the staff guys to do it for me. And we just never got around to it, what with busyness of life and everything.

But on Friday, Hubert KINDLY came over, with Dan's drill and put shelves up for me! 

Here are a few pictures! (this is before)

Haha. we got one of the measurements wrong... Hubert is holding the level where the shelf SHOULD be. We had a good laugh. So I have an extra hole in my wall. Eh. It's covered up. :)

Hubert had to take a break to pick up Simon (his youngest son) from school. Simon found cool computer games to do on my computer.

Ahhhh, there we go! Level again!

Thank you so much Hubert!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this afternoon

I took a walk in the countryside by where I live, and greatly enjoyed seeing sights and smelling smells that reminded me of Kansas. I needed that today. It was very rainy and overcast.

And last picture:
This has nothing to do with Kansas, other than the picture frame in the background, but... these are 3 books that are sitting next to me on my desk that I've been enjoying as of late. They are GOOD books. I recommend them all! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

this is where I live.

For the past several days, two ladies on staff with Campus Crusade have been in town visiting Halle and I. They wanted to see what our ministry looked like, encourage us, and get to know this lovely city we've come to call home! It's been fun rediscovering parts of the city with them AND for me, discovering for the first time, a part that is soooooooo cute and old!

 A "sarah style" picture. snif snif

This house was built in 1505.
1505. Can you stop and think for a moment about how long ago 1505 was!?!
That's only 13 years after Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It's soooooo old! 
This drawbridge gate is the old entrance into the city and back in the 1400s, as ducs would enter through these gates they had to swear an oath saying they would abide by the governing laws of the city.
It was cold and damp all day, and were ready for a warm place to sit, rest and enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Indian food on a Friday night

Anne spent a year in India last year, and learned how to make some amazing food. Last night she, Joanna, Rapha, Halle and I were privileged to try some authentic Indian cuisine. It was GOOD. Like, wow, amazing good.

I have a problem with my clocks... I suppose I need to change all 3 batteries at once, instead of each one wearing off on its own time. I don't have a kitchen timer and always use these clocks for timing things that I'm baking. And, since "Rennes" wasn't working last night, we followed Kansas time.

This is where it became a little bit American. Raphaelle and Joanna set the table, and I told Rapha that she could choose whichever napkins she wanted, and she found a package of American flags (thank you Cecilia!) that she thought was most appropriate. :)

We also had black cherry kool-aid, sent from my dear brother (thank you Andrew!) and it was a treat indeed!

To keep on with "authentic Indian night", we ate with our hands. 

We made "naans" to go with our meal, but didn't read the instructions soon enough to know that we had to let the dough rise for a total of 1.5 hours... Normally, you eat these WITH the main dish, but we were sooooo hungry and had already finished cooking the chicken, sauce and rice that we decided to change things a bit. So, we tweaked the recipe (left out the garlic) and with a little bit of honey drizzled on top, we ate them for dessert. They were yum. (shorty, look at my orange flipper thing. recognize it?)

After our delicious food, and after much debate over which movie we were going to watch, we landed on "Fireproof". None of us had ever seen it. Have you seen it?

Question: Do you think I cried?

Monday, January 17, 2011

4.5 months baby!!!!

Can you believe it? I have kept these 2 plants alive for ALMOST 5 months! This is a record. Some of you have been "wondering" how my plants are doing... And when you say "wondering" how my plants are doing, I sense a bit of a mocking tone, implying that I have killed them off. But no no! They are alive and doing WELL! I took the pictures (on the left of each set) the day that I bought them, and the other two pictures I took today.

This is my African violet. Now it appears that the current state of my African violet is flowerless. And yes, that's true. However, an African violet goes through stages (riiiiiight?) and this stage is currently flowerless.But look at all of those new leaves! So many of them! Actually, my florist told me that it's normal for this to happen, and one can simply snip a few of the new leaves at the center of the plant and flowers will once again grow. However, that sounds a bit risky, seeing as my thumb is not very green.

Plant #2: Literally translated from French, this plant is called "misery" because one cannot kill it. :) Soooooo the plant for me!

Now it looks a bit different than when I first got it, but the lighting is different too.... and I took out the white thing (bad idea?) because I didn't want it to climb up to my ceiling, but to fall down on my bookshelf.

And so it has! It's so much longer!!! Do you see this? And there are new little leaves all over!
One thing I don't understand is where the purple tint went? Does it need more light? Hmmm. 

So so so?? Are you ALL impressed and so proud?? Nothing short of a miracle! :)

Cecilia, if you're wondering where your plants are... they're still alive and just fine, but didn't get included in the blog post! 

Mama, for you:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

saturday mornin'

Tereza texted me late Saturday morning asking me if I wanted to go to the "Marché des Lices" with her, which is the huge, weekly, outdoor Saturday market. I think you've already seen pictures of it... it's really fun! There's a huge flower section (which is my favorite part, of course) and there were tulips galore. I have little to no power resisting the urge to buy such pretty yellow flowers, and consequently, there is a lovely bouquet of them adorning my coffee table. Sophie, I can guarantee when you come over and see them, you'll say "awwwww". They're soooooo happy and bright!

And if you had any doubt that I lived in France... look at these "oh so French" men wearing berets and selling cheese. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

dessert anybody?

Does this make you want to come to Rennes? :) Salted caramel and cooked apples and homemade chocolate and whipped cream. *sigh*

Sarah, I'm trying to entice you back to Rennes. Come back and I'll take you to the St. Cornely!!! :)

ode my faithful blog reader

Do you like the new look for my blog? :)

Erika told me I needed to write a new post (you can thank her Cass!) and since I don't have any new pictures to show, I thought it'd be a great time to tell the whole blog world how much I love my youngest sister. :)

 She has been the one and only FAITHFUL commenter since I first started this blog a few years ago. She has left a comment on every single post. That's dedication and encouragement! I consider my blog "read" once I see her comment. :) Now, this is not subtle, indirect communication to the rest of you -- I'm not hinting that I need more comments, I'm just saying that she is a faithful little commenter and always tries to say something new and creative. Hehe.

I miss her and all of her energy, humor, kindness, silliness, and good cooking. She really is an amazing cook.

 Have a great start back to your second semester of nursing Shorty!!! I am so proud of you!! My littlest sister all grown up and in her second semester of college! :) That was for Lindsay. You knew we had to do that, right? Muahaha. Love youuuuuuuuuuu!

Good luck with microbiology!