Monday, December 20, 2010

galette saucisse

I would like to introduce you to a food specialty from this region of France.

It's called a "Galette Saucisse" (ga-let so-seess)

A "galette" is a wheat flour based crepe, that you eat as a main meal -- you put ham, cheese, egg (gross), or potatoes, goat cheese (gross), salad, etc. on top of it. They are soooooo good. My favorite is ham, cheese, and cooked onions. YUM.

And "saucisse" means, sausage.

So, you wrap sausage in a galette, and you get the Breton specialty of "galette saucisse". Pretty simple. And everybody loves them. And before big soccer games, tons of people buy them. And we sing a song about them while we're at the soccer games... I'm telling you, it's VERY much a part of this region's culture. :) The song goes something like this:

Galette Saucisse, I love you
I'll eat kilos and kilos of you
In all of l'Ile et Vilaine (what the region is called)
With buttermilk.

Ahh, yes. buttermilk is also a specialty of this area. The song rhymes a bit better in French!

So you get the idea -- everyone loves them, everyone eats them, it's tradition, etc.

Well, up until Friday night, I had NEVER had a galette saucisse. I've had many a galette (with ham, cheese and onion), but never a "galette saucisse". And this is my 3rd year in Rennes. For shame.

But Friday, walking around at the Christmas market, I decided it was time for my taste buds to embark on the galette saucisse experience.
You can see the sign says "specialites bretonnes" -- Bretagne is what this part of France is called.

It was pretty good. More importantly, I feel Bretonne.


Shorty said...

YAY!!!! I'm so glad that you have found your place in France!!!! =] They don't look super appetizing if I do say so myself....

Emmanuel said...

Well, it seems that you enjoyed your first galette saucisse. Nice blog post.

Feel free to share it on our facebook fan page :

Emmanuel from tourist office of rennes