Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've been meaning to update my blog... like for the past 3 weeks. There has been so much going on, and so many pictures to share and fun experiences to recount. Unfortunately, it won't happen for a while as I'm on vacation with my family!!!!!

All 6 of us are spending a week together in Montana in a cabin near Bozeman. It should be fun, especially since our family is rarely together for this amount of time!

We have lots of fun things planned, including cooking contests between the children (really it's just a vacation for the parents), hiking, visiting historic sites, etc.

So I'll be putting up LOTS of pictures soon!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Noah Jordan Stucky

Molly and Jordan just had the cutest little baby ever!

Anne and I drove up to see him on Saturday, and had a wonderful time holding him, talking to him, and I even changed a poopy diaper. Woohoo for being a good French aunt!!!! :)

Molly is such a beautiful new Mommy!

He is a beautiful little baby boy and is bringing much joy to Jordan and Molly and their families. It was a blessing to be able to spend a few hours with him -- and I think he kind of smiled at me and almost said my name! He's a genius -- already saying "Melissa" at 4 days old.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

little oink became yummy food

Tereza, je te préviens en avance que tu vas probablement PAS aimer ces photos... et j'imagine qu'après que tu les vois, tu vas vouloir rester une végétarienne! :) Mais SB, Fer, et Céline, voici un petit appercu de comment je deviens plus comme une vraie fermière! :) J'espère que vous allez être fier!

I have a pretty awesome family. My Uncle Gordon, who is Denny's (the-rut-making-grass-killing-but-cousin-whom-I-love-dearly) father is one of the coolest farmers ever who offered me a chance of a life time last night. He asked me if I wanted to come to their house today and help them butcher a pig that had broken his leg and thus, needed to be cut into pieces and eaten. :)

I of course was more than excited for this opportunity to be farmer-like, though a little apprehensive of what all "butchering the pig" meant, having never done this before.

The team of butchers: Uncle Gordon, Aunt Terry, Joan (Aunt Terry's sister) and her husband Paul.
The setup: the garage, one halved pig, lots of knives, and many hands to do the work.

I wrote my wonderful Uncle Gordon a haiku on his sausage so that he would forever remember this momentous experience.

YUM!!!!!!! too bad I can't take it back to France with me. :(

It's quite the process, but was very very fun!

Thank you my dear relatives (and Paul and Joan!) for allowing me to experience soooooo many new things!