Monday, May 31, 2010

my home church

2 years ago our church burned down. It was such a beautiful building, and it was a hard loss for our church family.

For 2 years our church has met at a school down the road and just this past Sunday, we had our first church service in our new building. It's so beautiful!

This is the temporary mailbox filing system we have until our new mailboxes are done. That's my cute little sister too.

This is my WONDERFUL Aunt Marilyn and her daughter Tiffany. They are a great blessing in my life and so beautiful too!

SB -- c'est elle qui coupe les cheveux donc tu vas la rencontrer quand tu viens!!! :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

erika is going to college!

I went with Erika to Hesston College for her to enroll in her Fall nursing classes... she's so grown up!! :)

My only disappointment was that when she had the option taking Intro to Literature, World History, and something else (I forgot), guess what she chose?? NOT Intro to Lit, much to my dissappointment. Linds, we'll have to keep working on her. I know deep down she has a passion for great literature. She chose World History instead.

Everyone was super nice and friendly and HELPFUL on her campus. I don't remember my advisers being that nice or helpful at Kstate...

After we were done enrolling, we went to see the dorms and then walked on campus a bit. It was VERY windy, but I wanted to make sure I got pictures of her on her new campus -- since her Mom can't be here, I stepped in!! Muahahaha.

I think these pictures are hilarious.

Then I bought her a drink from sonic to celebrate the momentous occasion! :)

It's just the 2 of us at the Dorsch party house these days... until July 1st when Mom and Dad get back from Africa. We're having a blast!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

little sister graduated

I made it back to Kansas, just in time to see my little sister all dressed up in her cap and gown and graduate from high school. Hard to believe. The ceremony was cool, but I was soooooo tired, having been awake from 3am on (jet lag) and I MAY have dozed off during the final prayer. oops.

We had a great big party at our house after and it was great to see so many people again after 2 years!

Here are a few pics of the big day.

the four of us together again!!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


One of the things I love love love about living in Europe is that you can travel to cool places for "just the week-end" and learn about different cultures, people, language, etc.

Last week, I spent a long week-end in Latvia (one of the Baltic States). It was awesome. Up until the night before my flight from Paris to Riga, I didn't know if I'd make it out there because of the volcanic cloud. Fortunately, airspace opened up the night before my flight, and while we flew through numerous clouds, none were of the volcanic nature. :)

Erin (good friend living in Spain) and I met up in Riga and stayed with our friend Becky, who also works with Campus Crusade. It was SO fun! I LOVE history, and thoroughly enjoyed going to the "occupation museum" which was all about the 52 years Latvia was occupied by the Soviets, then Germans, then Soviets. 52 YEARS! Hard hard past.

No volcanic cloud in sight!

One of the BEST parts about the trip was that we surprised Romans and Valdis who were on the Camino in Spain with us last summer. They were indeed surprised and it was FABULOUS to see them again!

BATMAN's car!!!!!! WOW! WOW!

On Saturday we took a little train to the Baltic Sea and though it was FREEZING and raining, we decided to take off our coats, socks and shoes and RUN into the Sea. It was sooooooooo cold!

Tereza, this picture is for you -- another eating picture. :)