Thursday, April 29, 2010

8 years later...

I graduated from high school in 2002. That was 8 years ago. Woah. My last year of high school Jeff and Heidi Frazee were my dorm parents and I LOVE THEM! At the time we all called them "uncle jeff and aunt heidi" :) They were so great, so much fun, so cool and Heidi made the best snacks! They had their first baby in November of 2001 and just yesterday had their 5th!

They're on their way to Mali as missionaries, but are learning French in Paris, so last week I went up to visit them and spent a wonderful (though short!) 24 hours with them. We had a great time reminiscing about my high school years, watching old videos, looking at photos and catching up on the past 8 years!

Monday, April 19, 2010

brussels and peruwelz

I just got back from a 10 day spring break project to the great country of BELGIUM!

It was GREAT!
Really really great.

We spent the first half of our trip in Brussels, sharing the Gospel with people all over the city, helping with a children's vacation bible school camp, praying at the European Parliament, etc. And of course, what visit to Brussels is complete without Belgian fries, waffles, and chocolate?

For the second half of our trip, we made our way to the southern part of Belgium to the "city" (more like a village...) of Peruwelz where we worked alongside a church doing various activities with their youth group, engaging people in spiritual conversations (REALLY interesting!), and learning lots about what a spiritually needy place it is.

Here are a few touristy photos for your viewing pleasure. I tried to be as stereotypical as possible. :)

Belgian waffle with homemade, hot chocolate sauce. OH MAN. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

This statue is at the entrance to the European Parliament. Haha. The Euro lady is dominating all other currencies. :) Our dear friend Sam (from Belgium) is very proud of the euro.

This naked little peeing boy statue is very well known. I'll share the legend of why he's famous some other time. Karen and I were laughing a LOT as a nice American tourist took our photo.

And my sweet Brazilian girls, stockin' up on some good chocolate to take home as souvenirs. What you hear is true. Belgian chocolate is really really good.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Remember at the end of my last blog post, I said there was going to be a winner for whoever could correctly name the player in the picture? Well, thank you to the two people that decided to play my cool little game. It was a hard decision picking the winner. But in the end,

FERNANDA FROM BRAZIL is getting the honor of a "spotlight post" on Dorsch's blog!

Sorry Aunt Florene, you were runner-up... next time! :)

Fernanda is one of my favoritest people in Rennes. She's so full of life, smiles, giggles, joy, love, and is SO FUN to be around! I'm trying to convince her to stay another year but she thinks it's important to go back to Brazil to finish her studies...

Here are some of my favorite pictures!

Her really sweet family that came to visit!

Flatty, check out that cup! :)

We share a love for football (soccer), and though she's cheering for Brazil in the worldcup, she deeply loves Carlos Bocanegra who plays for the great ol' US of A. Carlos, by the way is the player that was pictured in the previous blog post. He's American. He plays for the Rennes soccer team, and is also captain for the US Men's Soccer team. Woah.

I love you Fer! timao eh oh...... timao ehh oh. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

a little bit of everything

My littlest, baby sister Erika turned 18 yesterday (sigh...) and in her honor, I'm posting a blog with LOTS of pictures and very little writing. What a great present. :)

She has informed me many times that she doesn't like to read my blog when I write a lot and much prefers pictures. So as a loving oldest sister, I'm posting lots of pictures for her -- pictures that are random and have nothing in common other than they are my life.

This is Mickael. He's hilarious and a great singer. 'Nuf said.

Yesterday I went with a group of students to an old folks home to sing Easter songs. This is Solène, one of the ladies that works there and she played a few songs for us on the accordion. SO COOL!

After we were done singing, this sweet old man went to get his cello (that is from the 1880s) and played Bach's Cello Suites. He is incredibly good, and played for the Paris Conservatoire.

Last week (see, these pictures aren't in any order...) we had a baby shower for my friend Ardene who had baby girl Arianne a month ago. Arianne is soooooo adorable! Look at that hair!!!!

Mama and baby girl.

This is Laurie. I LOVE her!!! She's on staff and my boss and is soon going to be on facebook!! Oh, and she's from Texas...:)

Coffee time with friends!

We tried this new café called the "Funky Monkey". haha.

There's currently "M" advertising all around Rennes for a festival of some kind, and they have them in all kinds of different fonts! M for Melissa bien sur.

And do you know who this is?? :)

If I were as cool as some of the other bloggers that I follow, this would be the point in the blog where I would say, "leave a comment and tell me who this is and what 2 teams he plays for to be the winner of today's giveaway". But since there are only 7 of you who read this... and since I have nothing to give away... it's a hopeless cause.

But, you know what!?! Just for kicks, if you know who this is and can tell me what 2 teams he plays for, I will honor you and make you the star of my next blog post. Hahahaha. WHAT an honor!!!

Happy (a day late) Birthday Shorty!!!!! LOVE YOU! :)