Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This picture makes me laugh a lot -- it's not a great picture. of ANYone... why am I sticking my tongue out whilst closing my eyes!?

Tereza, Fernanda, me, Silvia and Laurie. Dan was kind enough to take the lovely picture.

We put up posters all over the arts and science campus for our big event this week, and then sat down to eat THE BEST SANDWICHES EVER.

For real, these are my favorite sandwiches. I am not exaggerating. Curry chicken and lettuce on baguette bread! YUM.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

on campus today

Today, Laurie, Tereza and I put up posters on campus for our big event next week -- a veritas forum, where we're discussing (and providing some answers) to the top 5 biggest objections that students have to believing in God. It was fun. Posters don't tend to stay up very long, especially when they're of a religious nature, so we'll see how long they last.

Laurie on my left and Tereza on my right - these are the ladies that I work with full time on campus! They're wonderful!!

We came upon this bulletin board, where I knew that I had put our "agape campus" poster up at the beginning of the year and it was all covered up. So I kindly removed the posters around it to be sure people could see that there was a Christian organization on campus!! If you look really closely, my name and number is listed on the poster. :)

After we were done poster-izing the campus, we had lunch outside because it is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S outside, and this frog person came up and started talking to people. Hahaha. There are crazy things on campuses all over the world!

Monday, March 8, 2010

ode to Molly

Molly is 26 today. WOW! Anne Kurtz (Beverlin) and I met her our second year of college (2003) at our dorm floor meeting when I asked to borrow her pen. Or did she borrow mine? She didn't believe me when I said I was from Africa. She thought it was a joke. :) But then again, most people did. Anne and I thought her dorm was so cool because she and Kels had made a coffee table with a chalkboard as a top and they had fun striped wrapping paper wallpaper. Right!? It's so long ago. :)

She quickly became a very very dear friend to both Anne and me and we've had millions of wonderful memories since! I don't know if she's going to appreciate all of these pictures, but it's just to give you a little idea of the crazyness that is Molly Stucky.

Oh, but first. This is our apartment our senior year.

Molly's room was the sunroom. Not technically a bedroom... and thus no heat in the winter. :(

And now for the fun stuff:
Everytime I see this picture I laugh and laugh. Molly, words cannot describe the degree of cool that you are here. Hahahahaha.

She went through a phase where every night around 10pm she would put her hair in a side ponytail. She maliciously persuaded me to do the same.

I think this is when we were helping Anne move out of our apartment (snif snif) because she got married and moved in with a boy. Good thing we liked (and still do!) her choice of boy. :)

Molly and her husband Jordan!!!!!!

I love Molly for many reasons, but one of my favorites is that she is unashamedly proud of loving High School Musical! WOOHOOOO!!!!!!! She's talking to me on the phone whilst I'm in France. :)

This past September she came to visit me here in France, and we had a blast.

And now she is super happily married, living in Keichi and is with child! Auntie Anne and Auntie Melissa here we come!!!! How very very exciting.

I love you Flat!!!! Happy happy birthday!!!

D to the Orsch.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

team fun

I love my staff team. There are 12 of us all together:

5 Americans
1 Texan
1 Czech
5 French

It's a very fun team and I have the privilege of working with them all the time. Once a month we have an all day meeting where we do meeting-ish stuff in the morning, eat together (GOOD homemade food!) and then have a prayer / bible study time in the afternoon. There's also always much coffee that's consumed.

Yesterday was one of those meetings, except that we had a bit of a variation. We did our meetingish stuff and prayer in the morning, had a quick lunch and then all headed over to our new office building to wash windows! We purchased an office last fall and have been redoing it and you can imagine the dust that's accumulated. I'm really excited about actually having an office, but there are a LOT of BIG windows and they were FILTHY dirty.

But what a better way to have a little productive team bonding than to wash windows together!

pre-washing (this is as you enter into the office)

Yannick set up all of our phone / internet / fax etc. And it works!!

It was a gorgeous day, and the windows were nice and sparkly afterward!

This next week I get to help plan out what the kitchen is going to look like. soooooo many decisions. But it's all coming together nicely!

What do you think about the green doors? :)

Monday, March 1, 2010


Today was a great day. I really am a happy camper. Please let me tell you all about my exciting little life. :)

I got back home on Saturday after a week of conferencing it up with all of the other campus crusade staff in France, including their kiddos -- so about 130 of us. These people are great. One of the first times I really felt like I was "at home" was at this February conference in 2007. It was during my first year in France and I remember thinking how these people felt like family. It hasn't changed.

And this year was cool because there were 4 staff that had some kind of link with kansas. WOOHOO!!! That NEVER happens! One of the ladies from Kansas was Dorothy (for real). She's from Kansas City and came to France when she was in her early 20s. She was honored at our conference for having been here for 35 years. Wow. Amazing legacy and amazing to see how God has worked through her for all of those years. And continues to do so!

So after a nice, restful week-end, work started up again today. This afternoon I had a meeting with the other campus staff to plan a lot of FUN activities for the month of March, then on my way home I decided to stop by the grocery store. This is where the fun begins.

Everywhere I go in Rennes, I have to take the bus. But the bus system is really amazing, and it gets you everywhere you need to go, usually in a timely manner (unless the drivers go on strike or there's a bit of snow on the ground...) So I get off the bus at the grocery store and it's raining. And wind-ing. A lot. Like the kind of rain and wind that make your umbrella go inside out and you get double the wetness -- the rain and the water from the umbrella as the wind sprays it on you. Eventually I made it inside, roamed around the store to my hearts content, ooohing and ahhhing at the cans of Dr. Pepper (that were priced at $2.50 a can) and reminding myself that in less than 3 months I can purchase as much Dr. Pepper as I want and not go broke. I finished my meandering, and went to check out. Let me pause. The check out system here in France is as follows: one places one's items on the conveyor belt and then scoots down past the register and bags one's own groceries. This isn't that strange or abnormal. However, I'm a perfectionist, and as cashier is scanning the items and shoving down towards me, I like placing each item just perfectly in my bag(s) making each purchased treasure fit like a piece in a puzzle. And since I have to carry the bags home myself on the bus, I try to evenly distribute the weight of the items. You following?


Over the past 2 years, I have observed that French women take their time, not being rushed, hurried, or flustered and carefully put away each item, while they make the cashier and other customers wait patiently. And no one seems to be bothered. But when it's my turn, I feel like EVERYONE is like "HURRY UP AMERICAN! YOU ARE SO SLOW!!!!" And EVERY time I'm at the register, I feel the pressure to just throw all of my items in my bag, withOUT fitting them perfectly together like a puzzle and withOUT distributing the weight evenly.

However. Today I was the master. Muahahaha. I finally succeeded in maintaining a perfect state of calm whilst bagging my 5 items. And I might add, they fit like a puzzle. I was beaming from ear to ear. The lady behind the counter didn't really know what to do with me, so she just kind of half smiled and did a little shrug / chuckle / grin / clearing of her throat noise.

Happy as a clam I left the store, only to walk out into a torrential downpour. Unable to make my little pink clearance Target umbrella open, I did a little bit of speed walking, with an occasional jog to get under the bus stop shelter as quickly as I could. I wish I could've seen the scene from afar. Here is this girl (me) with a bag, purse, and umbrella bent sideways and crooked, half running half walking with my head bent down so as not to get too wet, occasionally looking up to make sure no cars were going to run into me. I managed to dart under the bus stop, making room for myself in the group of people already waiting... once again, beaming from ear to ear! As I entered the little shelter, smiling uncontrollably, I almost expected people to erupt in applause at the the success of my feat. That was not the case.

The bus came shortly after and the adventures were over.

I love living in France. It's grand.

Tomorrow I get to see Sven! A good friend from last year that I haven't seen since last July! How exciting!!!

Which means that soon, there will be pictures Shorty!