Saturday, January 30, 2010

for MR and SD

Dear Sven and Matthieu,

I want to give you an update on how your plants are doing...

uh-oh... I'M SO SORRY!!!!!! (heehee)

I TRIED really hard not to kill them, and actually, if you think about it, they had a really long life! They stayed alive for 8 months!!! In my apartment with ME taking care of them, that's a really long time!

These plants do NOT represent our relationships!!! (phew!)

I LOVED them (and still do!) and will continue to use their pots. :) Muahahaha.


Friday, January 29, 2010

"after party"

Lest you think I always have a clean apartment... this the "after party" look after a FUN game night here!

Sarah, I did NOT rearrange my living room, juste histoire d'avoir plus de place pour les gens qui etaient la.

Hey ceux de l'annee derniere (you know who you are! :) ), vous me manquez a CHAQUE fois qu'on fait une fete ici!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

on the radio!

We organised and planned a big outreach event this past Friday night (more on that later) and we met a guy who works for the Catholic Radio Station of France (RCF ou Radio Alpha pour ceux qui connaisse...) I guess people listen to it all over France and even around the world... I'm not sure how many people ACTUALLY listen to it around the world...but it helped us feel famous.

He wanted a bunch of us staff (and one of our friends from Nantes) to come into the radio station on Saturday to be on the air, live to talk about our big event and even give our personal testimonies!

It was... interesting. The guy spoke about a mile a minute and interrupted us and didn't let us finish answering any of our questions. But whatever...

The highlight for me: The radio guy asked me if it was hard going from the richest country in the world (America) to one of the poorest in the world (Burkina Faso) and I said, "well, since I grew up in Africa, I never really knew about America being the richest country.... I mean, Africa is my continent!"

Hahaha. Africa is my continent... ahhh. YES! Said on French NPR!! :)

Francis and Marie Carmen (French national director)

hahaha. the crazy radio guy is in the back left of the picture. see!?!? :)

If you look closely, it looks like I have something coming out of my nose. Ha. Good thing we weren't televised!

Monday, January 18, 2010

coffee = yummy = necessity of every day

One of my favorite coffee shops in Rennes is called "Le Candiot", a charming little place, where you can get woooooonnnnderful coffee (Florio brand = amazingness in a cup).

I went there this past week with 2 lovely French girls...

Guess which cup is mine? :)

Yes... the big one. It made me laugh. I felt so American, needing a "big" cup of coffee.

Melissa ordered: "un grand creme" which literally means, "a big cream" which means, 2 shots of espresso and hot milk. YUM!

Maelle ordered: "un double espresso" which literally means, "a double espresso" which means, 2 shots of espresso.

Sophie ordered: "un cafe" which literally means, "a coffee" which means 1 shot of espresso.

This brand of coffee is the BEST. It's Italian. It's also best in a BIG cup.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Czech Night

I have the priviledge of being on the same team as Tereza who hails from the Czech Republic. I've been trying to learn some Czech words, but trying to pronounce 17 consonants in a row without 1 single vowel is hard! (17 is a slight exaggeration, purely for the sake of emphasis)

Saturday night (after Sammy's birthday party) I went to her house with a bunch of friends to discover what exactly the Czech Republic is all about. Let me tell you, they know how to part-aayyyyyy.

She cooked us a Czech meal, seved us some Czech alcohol (czech alcohol = super strong = one little sip ONLY) and showed us some traditional dances. She didn't dance, but youtube provided us with great entertainment.

Flat, this picture is for you, in relation to a certian post you wrote on my fb wall (latino dancing...)

Then, we played several games (times up and the "guess whose name is on my forehead"). Fun times.

Thanks Tereza for a fun discovery night of your country!!!!! prk krk crk. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sammy turns 1!!

Sammy was born last year to Matthias and Cecilia. It's now 1 year later, and he has gotten so big! Walking, laughing, smiling, laughing laughing. Such a happy boy!

His Dad speaks to him in German, his Mom in Spanish, their friends in French, and me in English. He's going to grow up speaking at least 3 languages fluently!

He wasn't very happy to take a picture with me. can you tell? :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


ahhhh, the movie everyone's been talking about...


I finally saw it. people had been talking about it so much so a group of 6 of us girls took Sarah's movie discount card (thanks sarah!!!!) and went to see it in 3D and in English (French subtitles of course).

we had to pay 3 euros to RENT the 3D glasses. 3 euros is almost $5 just to RENT the glasses. Ridiculous.

anyway... we had a good time. it was a multi-nationality event!

Tereza: Czech Republic
Ann-Kathrin: Germany
Fernanda: Brazil
Heather: Canada
Silvia: Brazil
Dorsch: USA

it was a pretty good movie. being with the girls wearing goofy glasses was the best part. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

in the French Alps

I spent the last days of 2009 and the first day of 2010 in the French Alps at our annual student conference.

It was L-O-V-E-L-Y!

(the building on the left is where we had all of our meetings. We stayed in a different building, right next to this one)

(our little french village, nestled far away in the mountains)

Everytime we entered one of our 2 buildings we were required to take off our shoes and put on our slippers. This also meant that we wore slippers with our fancy dresses for the New Years Eve party! :)

It was a great conference, great time with students and also very tiring!

It's back to "normal life" in Rennes now and I'm excited for a new semester and new year!

WOOHOO 2010!!!!!!

Oh, and I was very excited that I had 9 comments on my last post. 9!!!!! It brings me much joy to see people leave little remarks, and also proves to my sisters that more than my immediate family reads this. :)