Monday, October 26, 2009

the next 2 weeks!

Listen up ya'll. Sorry, no pictures for this post.... but I wanted to give you my life schedule for the next 2 weeks. :) Starting tomorrow morning at 6:00am when I need to be ready to hop on a train to Germany!

Tuesday-Thursday: in Freiburg to visit Courtney, Christina, Christian and Titus!

Thursday-Sunday: in Strasburg (France) for the PROTESTANT PARTY!!!! oh yeah! This year is the 500th year since John Calvin was born, so all of the Protestants of France are getting together for a party. Sunday church service should be about 10,000 people which is HUGE for France! I'm really excited about it. We're partying like it's 1999.

Sunday night: Train to Paris and sleep in a cheap / sketchy hotel

Monday AM: FLY TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been 1.5 years since I've set foot on US soil. I am itching to go to Target and Starbucks. Oh, and to see family and friends! :)

I'll be in the US for 5 days. The reason? COUSIN CASSIE IS GETTING MARRIED! I am just a LITTLE bit excited about this!!!

It's going to be a VERY quick trip, but FULL FULL of seeing LOTS of family, friends, and shopping etc.

So! I will have lots of pictures! Maybe I'll SEE you soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

continuing with the soccer theme...

Last night I went with Palmyre and Soatra (pronounced "such") to a Rennes soccer game. Before talking any more about the amazingness of the game, or picturse for Erika, there are a few things that are important to note.

1. I have become an avid Stade Rennais football fan. I LOVE the Rennes team and I want to go to all of their games.

2. There 2 main soccer leagues in France: the best teams being of course in the League 1. Rennes, unsurprisingly, is League 1. In fact last year for a long time, they were ranked 3rd in the League, which is REALLY cool! This year, they're not doing as well (7th I think) but I'm sure that will change soon! They're a great team to support!

3. There is one American player on the team -- Carlos Bocanegra (#3) who is also the captain of the USA National Soccer team. He's not a super player, and last night at the game he really didn't play well, and several games ago he got red carded out of the game... BUT, he was voted sexiest player on the team last year. Hahaha. Sarah would've voted for him too, eh Sarah? :)

4. Last night Rennes DOMINATED and beat Montpellier 3-0. Muahahahaha LAURA!!!!!! :)

It was an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G game!!!

Gina, come visit France and I'll take you and Brookie to a game!! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i heart soccer

This past Saturday I went to Gabe's soccer game. Gabe is a staff kid / missionary kid like me and I looooooove going to his games. He's number 8!!!! This was the first game I saw all year and they won 3-0, with Gabe scoring all 3 goals. What a stud. Oh, and his team color is purple like KSTATE. Love it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

afternoon date with Gabrielle!

I LOVE spending time with the staff kids on my team. Today I had a special date with Gabrielle, who is 5. We made Fall cupcakes and colored pictures of rainbows. It was wonderful.

She is soooooo cute and HILARIOUS! She told me all about school, her best friend in France and Texas (her Mom is American and Dad is French) and about how she tells her friends at school about God. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

a French wedding

This week-end I went to the wedding of Vincent and Ellyna. It was beautiful. I knew Vincent and his sister Agnes from when I was in Nantes and it was so great to see them and many other friends again. Agnes is so sweet and was GORGEOUS! She gave a speech and made everyone cry. It was very touching.

Cecile and Johannis

the groom with the ladies.

Ellyna had a "oui" on her back with little jewels. It was so cute. "Oui" = yes... : )

my model friends.

great great friends (Cecile and Agnes)

The dinner was a 5 hour affair. Literally. We sat down at 7 and were done with our coffee by midnight. It was 5 courses. Woah.

Course #1 (lots of seafood)

Course #2 (more seafood and fish)

Then we had what's called a "hole" which is a break in the middle of the two main courses. Usually it's some sort of alcohol to help digest and make room for the rest of the meal. So our "hole" was a scoop of ice cream -- bell pepper and hot pepper flavored ice cream, soaked in a white wine. It was GROSS. I think everyone at our table thought it was gross except for a couple guys. eeeewwww.

Course #3 (beef, potatoes and pesto vegetables) = no picture

Course #4 (cheese and salad)

Course #5 (dessert) which was VERY good, and I also forgot to take a picture.

Shorty and Linds -- this pic is for you! me and Agnes!!!! Awww, It was SO GOOD to see her and she asked about you! :)

Funny moment... of course after the dinner there's always the dance and party, which goes into wee hours of the morning. So a couple songs into the dance, Vincent asked me if I would teach all of the guests a country line dance! Haha. So here I am, at a very elegant French wedding at a gorgeous castle, teaching people how to boot scoot to Shania. : ) It was so great.

Great week-end. Not much sleep though!

Oh, and just for the record, I ate everything on my plate. Some of it was harder to swallow than others.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

little changes

This is the new apartment building that just went up opposite of where I live. It now blocks what was once my beautiful countryside view and it makes me a little carnal every time I see it. I think it's hideous!!!!
Today they are installing these things... I have no idea what they are -- is it supposed to add beauty?!

Standing at the entrance to my apartment, I see this. Before, it was all fields, country, open space. Snif snif. Yes, the green is permanent. Isn't it ugly?!

But enough about the ugliness, now on to happy things!!!!

I have my fall wreath up that dear Anne sent me last year!!!!! I LOVE IT! I am the only person in my whole apartment complex that has a wreath. :)

These GORGEOUS flowers are my neighbors' flowers. They are INCREDIBLE.

These are mine. Yes, I have 2 flowers total.

new curtains that my mama sewed for me while she was here!I LOVE THEM! Flat, please notice the mug assortment! :)

Klingler -- I wanted to show you all of our together-purchased magnets. Isn't my fridge happy now? The Toulon hat is one of my favorites!

My new poster!!! Sarah and I found these posters in Venice, Italy -- it's the "ABC Francais" and they are soooooo cute! It's what you see right when you come out of the toilet.

Hmm, Reisz, did you notice that I didn' t include a picture of your plant? Hehe. Uh oh.