Friday, July 24, 2009

chinese food and concert in the park

Yesterday was so fun. One of my Chinese friends invited Tereza (new intern with Campus Crusade) and I over for homemade Chinese food at lunch and it was sooooo good! They did such a great job of making the food, and there was TONS of it!

Tereza and I! I'm excited for her to be on our team next year!!!

It was SO TASTY!

Later that evening, Tereza and I went to a concert in a park. It was great! The band was composed of an accordian, guitar, clarinet, violin, cello and drums. SO COOL!

These guys were hilarious!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

mid-July already!?

I'm back in Rennes, after a SUPER fun time in Nantes for the summer project. The students were g-r-e-a-t and we had a marvelous 2 weeks!

Here are some highlights:

My home for the two weeks!

The Rennes group -- Joanna, me, Joel, and Hubert (staff) with the bbq smoke in the background

Thursday night weekly meeting and meal with the American project

Countless games of Jungle Speed were played -- if you don't know this game, it's AWESOME and you should play it!!!

One of the nights we were split into groups and each group had to make a structure out of tape, straws and paper plates that was strong enough to hold an egg. oh, and it also had to be tall.

Team 1: they did OK, but there is no egg in their egg holder at the top, and shortly after the picture, their structure fell over.

Team 2: The ROCK STAR team created this aesthetically pleasing hourglass-like structure that held not just one egg, but two AND without falling over. Please not the symetry. That was my group. :)

Group games

Everyday we split into small groups and went downtown to meet students and talk to them about what they thought about God, spiritual things, faith, etc. We had incredibly interesting conversations and many people were explained the Gospel for the first time!

On one of these days, right when we stepped off the tram, it started raining SO HARD! People were running for shelter everywhere and were SOAKED! Some of our group found refuge with Melanie, who was handing out the evening newspaper!

Here's our AGAPE (campus crusade for Christ in Europe) group!!!

The last week-end of the project, I left for Paris to spend a few days with my DAD (!!!!!!) who was on his way home with the Cameroun summer project. Just a few days prior to going to Nantes, my MOM came to visit for 4 days! We had a BLAST! Ode to my Mother:

She is hilarious.
She sewed curtains for my kitchen
She beat me in scrabble
She made me homemade yoghurt
She ran after buses with me
She's so great!!

I'll soon put up some pictures of my new curtains!