Sunday, May 31, 2009

we went GREEN

Today friends came over for a themed Sunday lunch.

The theme: GREEN

Everyone had to bring / make something different according to theme.

People came over after Church and the preparations began. There were 12 of us all together. It's always a bit tricky trying to get big groups to fit around my dinning room table, as it seats a maximum of 5 people, so we pulled out my new craft table (merci MR!!!) and put the two tables together. We managed to fit 12 place settings, which seemed like a great accomplishment.

But then came the problem of the chairs. I only have 8 chairs. Sven thought this was the time to test the generosity of my neighbors, and after knocking on 4 different doors, a very kind lady agreed to lend us 3 patio chairs. (8 + 3 = 11), so... the last chair was my nightstand. Sven had the honor of sitting on that.

Mashed Potatoes


Pasta with Pesto

We had a green banana drink also... that no one drank. Gross.

Mmmhhmmmmm.... doesn't that look appetising?? :)

The guys were a bit skeptical.

It was FUN! These are great friends!!

Matthias and Cecilia came with little baby Sammy!! He was wearing green.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

pizza and movie night

This past week-end, I had some of the younger staff kids (all of their parents are on my team) over to make pita pizzas and watch Wall-E. We had a blast! The kids were soooooooo cute, but LOUD. Woah. :) It of course got really quiet once the movie started... Well, except for their occasional giggles. Awwww, I love them!

Everyone got to make their own pizza, and put on WHATEVER they wanted as toppings. They were happy.

Since it was a special occasion, we also had coke (caffeine free, of course) AND rice crispie treats for dessert! Y-U-M!

The Melissa Dorsch Theater... playing the movie on my computer:

I'm so blessed to be in the same city as them!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

the long-awaited American Dinner

Since practically the beginning of the year, Sarah and I promised some of our French friends that we would cook an American meal for them, with a twofold purpose in mind:

1. Allow the French to experience a "Night of Excellent American Cuisine" as Sarah put it in her invitation

2. Break their stereotypes that American Cuisine consists of Big Macs and Peanut Butter. :)

I think we succeeded. Since they were so convinced that Peanut Butter was a staple in the American diet, we set it on the table with the salt and pepper and encouraged them to season their food with all three, assuring them that this was the American way.

We laughed so much!

On the menu:
BBQ meatballs
Cheesy Potato Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Iced Tea (!!!!!!)
3 little peanut butter eggs

Our guests:
Chloe (to my right) from Canada
Sven from Paris (is magik)
Daniel from Alsace (France)
Matthieu (taking the picture) also from Alsace

Please note the nice big American smiles. :)

Sarah and I thought we had made too much food (38 meatballs for example) but they ate EVERYTHING and though they were skeptical at first, they loved it... or so they said. Whew!

We were so full, that before dessert, we decided to go take a walk and play outside a bit.

Of course we played American Football. Even while it rained. It was SOOOO fun! Sven is particularly happy in this picture.

Then came dessert. Wow. Sarah made the most amazing key lime pie. Oh man it was so good.

Sven and Daniel learned how to play "bear, man, gun" (the same as rock, paper, scissors). They were so funny, but a little scary.

While Sarah and I were getting stuff ready in the kitchen, the 4 of them played Jungle Speed, and Matthieu kept winning and running in the kitchen to tell us that he had won. :) We are so proud Matthieu.

I had such a good time! Sarah and I laughed so much in preparing the evening. We spent a long time figuring out what to make, purchasing the food, and cooking it. It's difficult when you have to subsitute lots of the ingrediants because you can't get them here. AND THEN, once you figure out what you can use, you have to convert all of the measurements to grams, liters, etc. How many potatoes do I peel to get the equivilent of 2lbs of frozen hash browns when the bag of potatoes says 2.5 kg??? We figured it out.

Oh, and nobody really put peanut butter on their food...

(merci MR pour les photos... que moi j'ai prises!! Donc en fait, merci pour l'utilisation de ton appareil. Mouahahaha)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sad day

My computer crashed... last Friday morning. I'm temporarily using one from Dan and May (who are wonderful wonderful to let me borrow it!!) so that I can check email and do some stuff online. We don't really know what the problem is, though it's likely something to do with the hard drive. We will see. Hopefully we will know soon. Oh man. I think the two things that I'm most disappointed about with not having my computer:

1. There are new Office episodes I haven't seen, ahhhhhh!!!! :)

2. I have fun fun pictures from the Rock n' Solex (a big race / competition that a bunch of my friends were in) that I wanted to look at, and eventually put up here on my blog.

I suppose patience is a good thing to be learning...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

one lovely Saturday in Rennes

Hello from Toulouse! It makes me laugh that I just said "hello", as if there were hundreds of people following this blog... :) Hello to the 5 of you who read this. Anyway...

This past Saturday was a really really fun day, (Sarah and I hung out all day!!) and I took my camera along to document every step of the way. You proud Shorty?

So it started off with a lovely French breakfast (with Sarah of course) of croissants and pain au chocolate (bread with chocolate in the middle). The pastries were awesome, the coffee was horrible. But it was cheap, so...

After breakfast, we headed to the Saturday market that is set up every week to enjoy the multitude of people walking everywhere and in every direction. It's really fun. The flowers are my favorite!! They are so so pretty and I was very tempted to buy all of them, but seeing as I was leaving for Toulouse in the morning, I didn't.




A real French man with a beret!!! :)

Then we continued on our merry way, and Sarah saw shoes for sale. Oh man, she was happy.

Now this picture needs some explaining. We were walking down on the LEFT side of this street, pleasantly conversing when Sarah says, "let's walk on the sunny side. *insert pause* Of life". She is so philosophical. So please notice she is standing on the sunny side of the street and life.

We had to get a few groceries, and grocery stores in France are always fun because you never know what you will find. These were the two treasures we found that day. We did not purchase either. (Please notice on the popcorn, it says at the bottom left, "product of USA")

Syrup, marshmellow fluff, and peanut butter.

Then we had a very tasty lunch of wraps from a great little Lebanese place that Sarah introduced me too. This is one of the main downtown areas.

After lunch we got on a bus that took us out to the Kellum's house (staff family) and we went shopping with Mallory (9 year old Kellum kid) and Lisa (Mrs. Kellum) at this fun new shopping center a little outside of town. Here are Sarah and Mallory with their purchases.

Then we came home, relaxed a bit, watched the latest Office episode (teehee) and had Dominoes pizza and game night with friends. We had our first meal on my balcony!!!! Oops. Sven spilled some pizza sauce on his white shirt. But he got it out.

We took two pictures on the balcony. This one is the "American smile" picture where everyone (except Sasha) is doing an over-exagerated smile. This is apparantly the American way.

This is the "French smile" picture. Happy, but not excessively so. Once again, Sasha is the exception.

We laughed so much and had a really fabulous time. These are great great friends and I'm so blessed!! Oh, pictured left to right -- Sven, Matthieu, Sarah, Celine, Sasha. 4 more friends joined us later.