Sunday, March 29, 2009


My dear Grandpa is in the hospital with kidney failure. The doctors said he has about 3 days before He will go to be with Jesus.

I called my Mom and asked her if I could talk to him one last time. The first thing I heard from him was, "I love you so much Melissa, we are all thinking about you." Then he told me to come and visit him when I got back. It was so special to be able to tell him I loved him one last time.

It's so hard being far away.

Here he is with Lindsay a year ago.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

what a week!

I had a super fantastic, wonderful, encouraging, and adventurous week with my sisters. We laughed SO much! It went by so fast, was too short, but we had a wonderful time! They are home safe and sound now -- poor girls have school tomorrow at 8am. I am now fighting a horrible sinus infection / head cold, coughing, blah-ness. Yuck.

Pictures are better than paragraph long descriptions (right Shorty?) :) So enjoy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

the sisters are coming!

I'm getting ready to hop on a 3 hour train ride to Paris to pick up Lindsay and Erika! I can hardly wait! I haven't seen them since August and to be with family again will be amazing and so refreshing! They are coming for about a week and we have a packed schedule, woah! We're going to visit Normandy, Mont St. Michel, Paris, Rennes, and of course, soak up as much time together and French culture as we can! I love my sisters so much, they're SO wonderful!!!

We will miss our dear brother. But thankfully, we made a "flat Andrew" to take around with us so he doesn't feel so left out. :)

Gros bisous maman et papa! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

and the strike continues

We are now in the 5th week of strikes on the university campus. Not all of the campuses in France, but mainly Rennes 2, which is the fine arts university here that I work at everyday. Students are agreeing that it's getting a bit ridiculous...

The strike is now controlled by a minority of students (anarchists), who have set up couches in the strike headquarters, a cafe area, a mockery of a confessional booth, etc. It for real looks like the 60s.

They sleep there, eat there, block entrances to buildings, graffiti all over, you know -- typical strike activities.

They control who goes to class and when they go to class. Yesterday when I walked on campus, there was this guy sitting at a desk, blocking the entrance to one of the buildings. He was just sitting there, playing on his guitar and singing, making sure no one went in. My friend Sarah was in class last night and halfway through her class the strikers came into the classroom and told them that everyone had to leave or they would lock them in the building! What?? So they left.

When I was coming back from a friends house yesterday, I was in a bus heading to a different part of town to catch another bus, and as we were driving down the road, I saw in front of us a herd of students (all from Rennes 2 of course) marching up the street, blocking any and all possible traffic. So my bus had to take this roundabout way to get to where I normally would get off. Seriously!

I would've taken more pictures, but I was scared. :) I'm not very sly...

Anyway, on a brighter note -- my sisters will be here in 3 days!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i have a chauffeur

Here is my ride that takes me around Rennes: bus # 16. I am proud to say it's a Mercedes.

I get picked up in a Mercedes everyday. how nice. Here is how it happens.

I leave my lovely apartment (the building is known as "the boat")

I walk down this road

I wait at this bus stop

Then my chariot arrives. It's an accordion bus. I like to sit in the back half of the bus because you literally feel like you're swinging around all of the roundabouts!

My bus # 16 baby!!!!

I am also VERY excited these days because in less than 2 weeks my lovely sisters Erika and Lindsay will be here with me, swinging around in the buses together!! :)