Monday, February 23, 2009

being on staff with Campus Crusade in France ROCKS!

Hello!! I just got back from our week-long staff conference. It was a ton of fun! I loved rooming with Tiffany and Carrie (2 delightful Americans doing the same thing I'm doing in Toulouse, France). It was so encouraging seeing friends who I don't hardly ever see, and to be able to connect, share ideas, encourage one another and pray together. We stayed at this little resort area next to a gorgeous lake, which provided many beautiful walks!

The little apartments / rooms we stayed in.

Jean-Christophe, me, and Carrie (both of them are working in Toulouse)
I LOVE staff kids! Here are Baptiste and Silas with their light sabers.

Efrem at the beach.

Part of the worship band -- both of these guys are on my team! Rick Kellum and Dan Workman

Goofy worship band...

I LOVE Laura!!!

I rode to the conference with the Stalin's -- here is Simon and I having fun with the camera. He's SO cute!!

On the last night, we were served duck meet and bacon on our salad. It was good, but there was a lot of duck! This is Tiffany from Toulouse!

It was oh so fun and I'm so blessed to be on such a great team! Now it's a busy busy week this week!

Friday, February 13, 2009

lately, from france...

Here are some pictures of what has been going on lately in Rennes. Lots of fun and exciting stuff!

The big university news is that students have been on strike for the past couple of weeks, and it's getting more and more serious. Kind of fun. :) Apparently Rennes students are the ones who start the striking and get momentum going, then encourage students all over France to join in. They are protesting new education reforms or someting like that. So this is what campus looks like... barricaded doors going into buildings, cafeterias closed, hardly any students around, etc. Nobody has class, professors aren't even coming on campus anymore, and some students are sleeping in the buildings. It's very intriguing! But, going on strike in France has proven effective as sometimes, the bills aren't passed and they get their way. So maybe all of this will be worth it in the end! It's a bummer for students who want to be in class so they can be prepared for exams.

This is the main building on campus (where we had our Martin Luther King expo) and it's the headquarters for the strike! you can't really see it, but there are a lot of white signs, indicating times and places for general assemblies.

On a different note... a bunch of us got together to go bowling several nights ago. It was great!

Sarah (left) was our star bowler! We are so proud. :) And Palmyre (right) went bowling for the first time!

It snowed!!! It snowed for 4.5 minutes the other day! It was really pretty, but not cold enough for it to stick. This is the view from my balcony.

Another big event is that my little staff kid friend Mallory turned 9!! I was at her birthday party, and got to help paint nails! Then this past week, we had a slumber party here at my apartment. SO FUN! :)

This coming week I'm going to our week-long French staff conference, which I'm highly anticipating as it's a great week of teaching, fellowship, and relaxation. AND we're going to be by the Atlantic Ocean!

And in 30 days my wonderful little sisters will be here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cora Paige McClenahan

My dear friends Joel and Jess McClenahan lost their little baby girl yesterday morning to cancer. She went in to the doctor two weeks ago for a check up on an ear infection, only to find out that she had neuroblastoma cancer. She is now with Jesus.

It's so hard being here when they are going through such a difficult time. I'm so thankful they have friends and family around them.

Click here for more information.

Please pray for their family.