Thursday, November 20, 2008

Carving Pumpkins in France!

This past week-end, I had some people over to my apartment to experience the joy of carving jack-o-lanterns. It was loads of fun. None of the French students had ever done it before, and it was hilarious watching their faces as they pulled out the mushy insides of the pumpkin with their hands! Beforehand, Sophie and Joanna came over to help me decorate fall sugar cookies. This is typical Sophie -- always laughing a lot! :)

We put a piece of paper on our heads and had to draw pumpkins. It was really funny.

Here is the final product! After they were all finished, we put a candle at the bottom and turned out the lights and stared at them for like 10 minutes. And the "ooohhhs" and "awwwws" were tres nombreux! Fun fun night!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Team Fun Day!

Yesterday was a holiday, so our staff team (with most of the kids) went on a 3 1/2 hour bike ride in the Rennes forest! It was gorgeous weather and so much fun.

This is Gabe and Efrem. Efrem rode 3 1/2 hours BY HIMSELF on his little bike. Amazing.

This is Silas, Efrem's brother.

My pal Mallory! We are both huge fans of High School Musical 3. :)

Gabe!! He was SO HAPPY to be in this picture... Gabe and Mallory are siblings.

The bike ride would not have been complete without walkie talkies.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Best apples in the WORLD!

These are the best apples in the world. Oh man. These pictures are still from last week-end, when Sarah and I were in Strasbourg. These particular apples (I forgot what they're called) are from an orchard in the Alsace region of France (near Strasbourg). They are truly the most incredible apples I have ever eaten.

This lovely man and his wife (older couple) are the owners of the apple orchard, and after Church on Sunday, they gave us each some apples to eat. They were DELICIOUS.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sarah and I had the privilege of having the week-end off and visiting two very cute cities -- one in Germany and one in France. We visited my friend Courtney in Germany, and then stayed with Matthieu and his family (a student we know from Rennes) in Strasbourg. It was a great visit, and we had quite the adventures! Since pictures are worth a thousand words...

This is Freiburg, an adorable little city in Germany. It has 2 Starbucks and one more on the way! We visited them, as any good tourists would do. :)

This is our friend Igor. :) On Friday morning, we went to Starbucks to have coffee and a tasty blueberry muffin, and Igor was our server. He spoke 6 languages fluently... it was impressive. Anyway, he was really kind to us, so we decided to leave him a note on a napkin when we left telling him thanks for the great service to two American girls, and "a bientôt!" as they say here in France. Well, he came over just as we were leaving and read our napkin note, loved it and said he was going to put it on the appreciation board for all to see. So here are with Igor, and our note! And we went back later in the afternoon to use the free bathrooms, we inspected, and the note was still there!

We went to a bank and this is what we saw on our way out... a very big gorilla. This was BEFORE Halloween.

Me and Courtney by her tram stop! The Johannes Church Stop!

So after 24 hours of being in Germany, we came back to France, to the city of Strasbourg, which is a great GREAT city!

This Cathedral was the tallest building in the world until the beginning of the 19th century. We climbed almost to the top of it -- 250 spiral staircase steps!

This is the view we had from the top.

Matthieu's sister-in-law Melanie came with us as our tour guide. She was great fun and very helpful to have along!

This is the statue of Gutenberg (aka Gutenberg's printing press) -- without his head. Sarah wanted to do a fun pose, and she was explaining to me that we should both be typing...

We took a boat ride to discover new lands. :)

One evening, Matthieu's family took us out to a restaurant to eat "Tarte Flambée" which is kind of like a pizza but with white sauce. Very good!

This is Matthieu's family who were so kind to let us stay with them! Thank you les Reisz! :)